House Busy on Amendments, Forgets to Create Budget

Predominantly Republican Congress and Senate members have been working so hard on frivolous amendments to the the Constitution — the same-sex marriage ban, and now a flag-burning ban — that the creation of a 2005 budget has slipped past the November elections:

“This is a battle within the Republican Party about whether deficit reduction or smaller government should be the dominant ideology,” said Brian Riedl, budget analyst for the Heritage Foundation.


GOP leaders won’t definitively call the budget dead, although most lawmakers rate the chances for passing one this year as slim to none. Both chambers have begun writing the 13 annual spending bills for next year, a job that normally awaits budget completion.

Let’s get real this flag burning amendment is not a priority, nor was the amendment that would have banned gay marriage. We need to send a resounding message to our representatives that we expect them to work for us and not for the religious-right base that they are so afraid of pissing off.

Spending bills can still be passed, so unfortunately this doesn’t mean that they won’t stop spending our money, but it does mean that it will be one less item that we will be able to judge those up for re-election on. Right now, I’m beginning to research candidates up for election in my area to determine who deserves my vote, I suggest everyone do the same.

Measure to Outlaw Flag Burning Advances in Senate [Reuters]
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Stephen VanDyke

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