Grumblings from the GOP

McCain thumbs upThe Washington Post covers the Republicans’ growing ire with the Bush administration policies in the article “For Republicans, a House (And Senate) Divided”:

“In other words, everyone exhibited classic Republican behavior. They showed a spirit of decorum that was once embodied by Ronald Reagan’s ’11th Commandment,’ which stated, ‘Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.'”

“Recent days, however, have brought a free-for-all of GOP violations to their commandment. It got to a point where Bush visited Capitol Hill on Thursday for an intervention. But the president isn’t immune. His poll numbers are dipping, as is support for his increasingly dicey foray into Iraq. Conservative pundits George Will and Robert Novak, among others, have sharply criticized Bush’s spending, growing deficit and the mounting casualties abroad. Novak, in a column this week, cited a poll in which 20 percent of Republicans said they are not committed to voting for Bush.”

It looks like the air is quickly deflating out of the Bush political balloon. I’m also beginning to see that Colin Powell is the only one in this administration who had the foresight to see that this whole thing would eventually fall apart when he announced in early 2002 that he would not stay with Bush if there was a second term. Hmmm, wasn’t that around the same time that memos were flying around warning the president of possible legal liabilities in bypassing Geneva Conventions?

For Republicans, a House (And Senate) Divided [Washington Post]

Stephen VanDyke

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