Grey Tuesday

DJ Dangermouse - Grey Album CoverSo today is Grey Tuesday. What that means is that 184 web sites are hosting the DJ Dangermouse – Grey Album, and another 152 are “going grey” in solidarity, with numbers subject to go up as more people hop on the proverbial I-wanna-pirate-shit-too-even-though-it’s-not-piracy-bandwagon. So if you haven’t heard the album everyone is talking about, featuring Jay-Z’s grating voice ruining perfectly remixes of The Beatles—I got the Grey Album weeks before the wave had formed—then run off and download to your heart’s content, have at it. The production itself is strong and flows cleanly, sounds superb and matches, but the Black Album was simply bland and monotonous (the blame for which Jay-Z plays a major contributor to). To DJ Dangermouse’s credit, I do like his “Ghetto Pop Life” remix/bootleg album, which is authorized. I plan on buying that in short order, so chalk one sale up to publicity.

On the downside, I’m not going to host (this is a comp account from work) or go grey (too lazy to finish the site design, much less change for a day), but I will say that I think music sampling should be legal, or more legal than it is now. Regardless, it won’t stop me from posting music to places like GYBO (Get Your Bootleg On) or doing my T4dW (Tunes for the Weekend), which is largely made up of bootlegs and mash-ups.

The interesting thing about all of this? The New Yorker article that started all of this—The Mouse that Remixed—has not been mentioned at all, and it was written by me… no just kidding, though that would be funny in an ironical way to a few of my friends.

Danger Mouse cartoon punSecond interesting thing? I hereby declare 2004 to be the year of bootleg music. Pop is dead, long live (bootleg) pop. I expect to see a spike of people visiting for my weekly T4dW picks. I’m going to be the motherfucking Rick Dees of bootlegging/bastard pop/mash-up music picking.

Third interesting thing… better snag any images of the real Danger Mouse (a.k.a – the 80s cartoon), because in 3 months or so many of the better google image searches will show the Grey Album cover (yoink) instead of the one-eyed cartoon rat (ahem, mouse) many of us grew up watching.

Update: Byron Crawford has a review which I completely agree with. “It’s the Black Album meets the White Album, so it’s already got a certain coolness to it, but if that’s all it had, you’d only listen to it once or twice and then toss it aside. You know, like all of the other Jay-Z albums […] the genius is in the execution. I could’ve come up with the idea, but nobody could’ve made that shit work like Danger Mouse did.” Bravo!

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