Govt Translation: “Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities”

The Memory Hole has a hilarious fresh catch with this HUD (Housing and Urban Development) brochure that was being distributed in nine languages, including a bastardized English-Creole, intended for Haitian immigrants:

Rezedents Cover
Rezedents Grafs

Complaints from Haitians to government soon followed. Some said they didn’t understand the brochure, others asked if the translation was a racial joke.

The problem with the brochure stemmed from a lack of HUD communication, who “never specified to the government printer that a French-Creole translation, common to Haiti, is what the department needed. Instead the brochure was translated by Cosmos into English-Creole, a patois common to Jamaica.”

pulped document: “Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities” [The Memory Hole]

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