George W. Bush: Inappropriate use of Public Resources

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File this under misuse of public office. Maybe I have a different standard of ethics than Mr. Bush (well actually, I do), but using the weekly presidential radio address which is paid for by taxpayers and issued from the office of the president to stump for your campaign is simply over the line and smacks of illegality. Here’s the text of the radio address, which is also on a taxpayer funded website:

Some politicians in Washington have a different view of tax relief. When I proposed tax relief for working families in 2001 and 2003, Senator Kerry and other Democratic leaders voted against it. In fact, Senator Kerry has voted consistently against marriage penalty relief, against increasing the child tax credit, and against expanding the 10-percent bracket. Now, Senator Kerry and the Democrat leaders are proposing a lot of new federal spending, and the only way to pay for all their promises is to raise taxes on working families.

You know where I stand. Higher taxes are the wrong policy for this growing economy. Our families and our country are better off when government lets people keep more of what they earn. And that is why I’ll work with Congress to keep taxes low, and that is why I will proudly sign the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004 into law.

This is just ludicrous, apparently it’s not enough for the president to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to get his message out, but he apparently thinks we should foot the bill for his campaign and he should be able to use public resources to spread his campaign message. I’m outraged at this egregious thumbing of the nose at campaign law.

Don’t be surprised if the Libertarian campaign raises a stink over this (disclaimer – I am a volunteer for the Badnarik/Campagna `04 campaign, but this is currently my opinion and not an official statement).

UPDATE: I’m having some difficulty finding the specific law to cite on this, and it’s made me realize something that hasn’t been said in a long time. A lot of laws are written to regulate citizens and corporations, but very few are written to regulate the government. Something to ponder while I search for the specific campaign law to cite (it may not even be a campaign law) for misuse of public funds/resources/office.

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