GASP! Drudge Slams “Liberal Media”

Drudge Report has one of his special pages up with two pictures of different soldiers posing with Iraqi children. One even has flowers in his helmet and flak jacket. I’ll reproduce them here (to show that at least I’m not biased against good news):

He had this to say about the images:

Here’s images you will not see in the NEW YORKER or on 60 MINUTES:

American soldiers welcomed as heros in Iraq!

Well, lo’ and behold, The New Yorker actually has posted positive news on Iraq, witness from this picture from the New Yorker website (sorry, I couldn’t locate the original article):

New Yorker Iraq Soldier

Behold the power of the Internet (thanks to You_mean_Im_gonna_stay_this_color from TotalFark).

UPDATE: Mike Hindes responds:

Hello, great site :)
I got it from this article,

The New Yorker actually does not post too many pictures online, but behold, some of those few are positive. If people like Drudge are going to go out of their way to make a point like this over 1 or 2 ‘posed’ pictures some troops sent them, then I will try to make sure they have the facts straight.( In addition, the picture I providied is not posed like his pictures.) Another note, I was watching MSNBC last night, and they did a whole segment on actor Gary Sinise, and how he is helping the children of Iraq, along with the troops. They had MANY wonderful shots of troops helping children and happy childeren greeting troops and Gary himself. And this was on ‘liberal’ MSNBC. We all know the bad stuff sells, and all networks are going to show it for that reason, but good is shown and I do see it all the time.
Take care!

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