G8 Kick-off

G8 protestorWell, the G8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia is officially kicking off right now. In the city of Savannah (where I’m from, actually), the ratio of protestors to journalists is around 1:1, while the ratio of security is enough to make any kind of violent protest an utter failure. As such, many of the protestors seem confused and the whole ordeal has taken on a carnival air. Associated Press has an article on the kick-off with “Bush, G-8 Leaders Show Newfound Harmony”. The Guardian Unlimited has a rundown of the familiar G8 questions in “Q&A: G8 summit 2004”:

What are the big issues at this year’s G8?
Iraq and Middle East reform have eclipsed the official economic agenda of the gathering. The summit should get off to an auspicious start, with the UN security council poised to unanimously approve a resolution endorsing the June 30 handover of sovereignty to Iraq’s new government.

I can only imagine that the majority of these protestors are slack stoners (wait, I mean “Anarchists”) who think that throwing insults at police (who don’t want to be there) is going to account for anything. I guess we’ll have to wait until nightfall to see if either side decides to get violent.

More updates as they come in.

Bush, G-8 Leaders Show Newfound Harmony [AP]
Q&A: G8 summit 2004 [Guardian Unlimited]

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