Fresh Calls for War-Crime Exemption from U.S.

The Bush administration must be getting pretty jittery about the photos and video that just keeps on streaming out of the press, because it went out and sought an exemption on the 1-year exclusion from the war-crime tribunal. The Desert Sun reports “U.S. seeks new exemption from war-crimes tribunal”:

Richard Grenell, spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, said that the U.S. concern about the court “in no way reflects any lack of determination to ensure that perpetrators of crimes are fully prosecuted.”

“We feel that this court lacks sufficient democratic safeguards that would prevent politicized investigations and prosecutions,” he said.

Which is kinda funny when you consider that they have no problem sending Saddam to the very same U.N. tribunal for torturing and killing Iraqis in um… Abu Ghraib (oops, I mean… Camp Redemption). I mean, it’s different right? Here is a bad guy who was torturing his people and needs to be punished, and we’re America (`nuff said, right?).

So, when the rest of the world calls us a hypocrite, now you realize why they are justified.

U.S. seeks new exemption from war-crimes tribunal [Desert Sun]
Saddam to face war crimes tribunal [CNN]

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