Focus on The Family: Getting Personal With Moore

It appears that Focus on the Family decided to send out more than just bitter commentary towards Michael Moore’s movie in it’s email to supporters yesterday Wednesday (yeah, we’re slacking), they also included his home address. Included in the message was this jewel:

So, if you have an opinion about the film — in which
Moore plays fast and loose with the facts to build a case
that President Bush is an idiot and the war in Iraq is all
about oil profits — we suggest you send it to the
following address:

[MM’s Address removed by website]

That’s his home — a condominium this man of the people,
so critical of capitalism, spent $4.5 million on seven
years ago. And please don’t worry that it’s wrong to use
this address; it’s public record, obtained through New
York State mortgage records and Federal Election
Commission filings.”

Now, I’m not sure where to stand on this, because on one hand it’s public record and it shouldn’t matter if they posted his address. On the other hand, if a Focus on the Family member ends up torching Moore’s condo or sending death threats to his home, then this is obviously in poor taste.

Moral High Ground [Non Prophet] [via Crooked Timber]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Should Moore be held responsible if one of his followers attacks a theatre attendee? In Las Vegas a man was assaulted by volunteers handing out fliers for F911