Feds Putting Weapons in Citizens’ Luggage?

Here’s a weird one. Apparently the TSA is a bit under-worked and needs some excitement. Why not drop some weapons into unsuspecting passenger’s luggage and let the fun begin. NewsMax (whaaa?) has the story in “Feds Putting Weapons in Citizens’ Luggage?”:

“I’ve been to Europe, where they search your bags in front of you, and I have no trouble with that,” Grindle said. “But it makes me nervous having my bags searched without me being present, especially when inspectors are flipping things in my bags that don’t belong to me. What would stop them from putting illegal drugs in my bag?”

The best part is the response to this:

TSA mouthpiece Chris Rhatigan said the reports mystified her. “If I could answer that question, I’d be rich. They could have been honest mistakes. Perhaps the bags somehow popped open during their travels, and someone dropped something inside. I honestly don’t know.”

That’s right folks, your bags now have the mysterious ability to just pop open, which is convenient for someone to plant a weapon in there.

Feds Putting Weapons in Citizens’ Luggage? [NewsMax]

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