Drudge Spun Clinton’s Record Book Sales as Disaster

Media Matter for America is reporting that Drudge Report covered up Clinton’s record-shattering book premiere, going so far as to report on 22 articles where sales were being reported stagnant. Clearly, this was an agenda, and the spin was picked up on shows by right-wing pundits such as Brit Hume, Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough, and newspaper The Washington Times. Full story in Drudge hid Clinton’s boffo book sales — and the right-wing followed his script:

…news from the publisher of former President Bill Clinton’s new memoir, My Life, that the book — with record sales of more than 400,000 copies — had shattered the previous record for single-day sales for nonfiction… According to Leiby, “Drudge, usually one of the quickest cyber reporters around, picked up that story [announced at 1:30 p.m.] in the late afternoon, after we sent him requests for comment.”

It’s good to see someone calling Drudge to task over this. I admit that I was initially taken in by his extensive list of slow sales as well.

Drudge hid Clinton’s boffo book sales — and the right-wing followed his script [Media Matter for America]

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