Draft: The Allen Plan

An interesting, if misguided, plan was proposed in place of a general draft. Thought Crimes lays out the details in “The Allen Plan”:

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could deploy 35-50,000 trained soldiers to Iraq in say, three to six months? Ideally, these would be folks who want to be in Iraq and are already familiar with and acclimated to the environment. Even better, these folks would already have their own weapons and gear and actually be close to the “theatre of operation” as the folks in the military like to say.

A pipe dream you say? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you all the civilian contractors currently in Iraq.

Now, I say misguided, because continuous conscription is something that has always been an unbalanced process that favors military expedition instead of national sovereignty. Also, it is unfair to ask for Americans to sacrifice to the country, when we are already doing that for the sum of our lives. That’s called taxation. I would have no problem trading taxation for a term of service, however I don’t agree with letting them have their cake and eating it too.

The Allen Plan [Thought Crimes]

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