DNC: Weeklong PR Campaign (Not our Bag)

If you haven’t noticed, we haven’t exactly been following the Democratic National Convention too closely, aside from the few tidbits like the Free Speech Zone or Drudge’s photoshop foible. Truth is, we don’t post PR releases either, and that’s exactly what the DNC is, a weeklong PR release. While we will talk about the newsworthy aspects, the fact that Bill Clinton made a speech in favor of Kerry is not, in our opinion, very notable. Jon Stewart seeing Teresa Heinz Kerry kill a hobo, is.

Well, we’ve seen some other websites saying the same thing, and we agree, but it took the comedy genius over at The Poor Man to finally verbalize exactly what we had been thinking in their post Night Of 1,000 Hacks:

Wouldn’t it be funny if someone told a few thousand journalists and pundits and all-purpose blowhards that there was this really interesting event going on and that they just had to go and cover it because it was going to be just the most interesting thing ever? And then it was just this enormous, week-long Guthy-Renker seminar? Good one, DNC!

Ah, the Democratic convention. It’s No Exit choreographed by Busby Berkeley – a cast of thousands, glittering spectacle and exciting nano-celebrities everywhere, and the agony of life’s essential fabulous absurdity as only Hollywood can show you! Wheels spinning, nothing to say. Wait, did you see Michael Moore? Tell me: was he fat? Does he hate George Bush? Hmmm, I don’t know. I better get a ten thousandth opinion on that one.

Go read the whole thing, it definitely sums up our feelings.

And while we’re at it, here’s the Decadent West, coming in mere minutes behind this on our RSS feed and affirming this as well with this poignant statement:

…DW is still anti-Bush. But anti-Bush doesn’t mean pro-Democrat.

Politics is a dog and pony show. Politicians on both sides of the aisle say anything they can to get your vote, and take pretty much any contribution they can legally and morally take to help themselves get elected. Case in point? Guess who was throwing the party that Jim “Tron Dork” Maynard happened to sneak into yesterday? Pfizer, the drug company that makes Viagra.

This could be a bright trend.

Night Of 1,000 Hacks [The Poor Man]
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