Daily Show on 6-28-04: Iraq Handover; Brand New Mess O’ Potamia

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart weighed in on the early handover in Iraq. View the clip of the segment (7.28MB WMV).

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

[Split screen. Left: Jon Stewart in Daily Show studio. Right: Rob Cordory in “Baghdad”]
Rob Cordory: John what a magnificent day! From this moment forward, all Iraqis will know June 28th, 2004 as Iraqi reestablishment… of… partial control over… ministerial functioning of… state bureaucracy day. [laughter]

Rob: Jon, as one excited Iraqi gentleman put it to me yesterday: “So wait, we get what back now?”

Jon Stewart: Rob, were you at all surprised by the timing of this?

Rob: A little bit, John. As well as things have been going, I thought sovereignty would be returned a week to ten days early. But, they really, really wanted to get it right. It’s a complicated process, Jon. It’s not just about signing a document and getting on a plane.

Jon: Really, um… So what exactly… what else is there?

Rob: Uh, there’s packing. They had to pack, Jon. But, the point is, the U.S. is no longer the occupying power in Iraq.

Jon: Well, then what are we?

Rob: We are… invited guests.

Jon: And our troops…

Rob: Tourists, Jon! Armed tourists, spending a semester abroad.

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