Colin Powell Departure: Belated Mourning

Pardon me for not being timely on this news, but it’s not like Colin Powell’s departure hasn’t been talked about for the past two fucking years or anything. And if you think it means a damn thing, you haven’t been paying attention: Colin Powell was so ineffectual he could have been on a bender in South America for the past year and no one would have noticed.

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Sadly, a guy who at one time had the most admiration and could have written his own political ticket became a tool of the Bush administration’s political agenda to start the war in Iraq, not to mention the possible future war in Iran. Granted, his role in the Iraq build-up was to hold Bush back by suggesting UN approval for any invasion (ugh, out of the frying pan and into the fire), but even that reeked of being a simple political ploy that Bush was able to cut through with ease. His job was to inform the president of the reality that an invasion of Iraq would likely play into Bin Laden’s hands as we would be seen as occupiers, but when the time came, he could only muster a whisper. Fucking weak.

Loyalty is one thing, having no spine to stand up against a political agenda that doesn’t halt terrorism but actively encourages it is quite another. For some reason I’m actually gladdened to see the administration replace a wolf-pup in sheep’s clothing with an obvious wolf (Condaleeza Rice). At least with her in place, we will be able to visibly see that the foreign policy is in lock-step with the ignorance they ascribe to.

As for Colin Powell’s future? Write a book homie, name names and level charges and you might just gain some credibility back. Barring that, you could always sell out and join the Democratic Party, they obviously have no standards these days and seem willing to take anyone.

UPDATE: Here’s a very good letter of advice to the next Secretary of State from an insider that sounds quite libertarian.

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