Cheney Booed at Yankee Stadium

Cheney YankeesEven Boston RedSox fans had reason to love the Yankees last night as Boston lost an 11-3 match-up in the Bronx. That’s because Cheney received a loud and emphatic booing when his face was shown on the stadium big-screen. I’ve collected a round-up of the news for the event from various sources:

ESPN initially had the scoop in the story Lowe allows career-high nine runs:

Cheney, who visited both clubhouses after batting practice, watched part of the game from the box of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and part from a first-row seat next to the Yankees dugout, where he sat between New York Gov. George Pataki and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Cheney was booed when he was shown on the right-field videoboard during the seventh-inning stretch.

From AMERICAblogCheney just got booed at the Yankees game:

I just got a live phone-in from the Yankees vs. Boston game in NYC taking place right now. Dick Cheney just got booed by the crowd!

Even as my friend Michael called me from his seats at the game, God Bless America was still playing in the background. During the 7th inning stretch at Yankees Stadium, they play God Bless America and show on the big screen pictures of anyone famous who’s in the audience that night. Dick Cheney is apparently in the audience, and as soon as his face went up, the entire crowd started booing! As my friend Michael tells it, this is the blue-collar Bronx we’re talking about, and Cheney is still getting booed – not a good sign for the Bush-Cheney ticket. As soon as the camera guys realized Cheney was getting booed, they quickly switched the picture on the screen to someone else.

Michael’s read of the situation, as a die-hard Yankees fan: The election is over.

And this from Political Wire this morning — Yankees Fans Boo Cheney:

Though their team’s fiercest rivals were in town, Yankees fans’ loudest boos last night were not for the Red Sox but for Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney watched the game with New York Gov. George Pataki (R) and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) and when his image was shown on the scoreboard during the 7th inning’s singing of God Bless America, fans stopped singing and booed loudly. Cheney’s picture was quickly taken off the screen.

No word yet if Cheney will respond by telling New Yorkers to “Go F**k themselves.”

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  1. As a LONG suffering Red Sox fan, let me tell you that we NEVER have a reason to ‘like the Yankees’.

    Although, even I have to admit that seeing Cheney get toasted in the Bronx warmed my otherwise hardened heart.

  2. As a BoSox fan myself (this is the year), I have to say I’m pretty disappointed that the knuckleballers on Boston’s line-up haven’t lived up to the hype. But I was gladdened to hear that the Bronx hates Cheney as much as the rest of us.

  3. Well, we’re still 6-2 against them this season but when you fall 7 behind in the loss column things begin to look bleak.

    If this IS the year then the Sox have to Cowboy up

  4. As a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan (sorry BoSox, this is OUR year) to put it mildly, I’ve never liked the Yankees. But when they booed Cheney in the Bronx, I LOVED their fans!