Che GueMoore?

CheMooreI know we live in a word where it doesn’t really matter what the hell you wear, but this shirt by Designed by Monkeys is simply ironic on so many levels.

I mean, is it implying that Moore is a revolutionary who will fail at exporting revolution? Or maybe it’s just keeping it real and trying to say that Moore is a pseudo-idealistic communist with illusions of grandeur?

Hell, read the biography of Che Guevara if you don’t get the joke. All I gotta say is, if I see someone wearing this and is serious about it, I may just have to poke fun at them, because that’s what history nerds do.

» VIVA LA REVOLUTION! the Michael Moore / Che Guevara T-shirt! [Designed by Monkeys] [via BoingBoing]

Stephen VanDyke

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