Chalabi, You Sneaky Bastard

Chalabi is now accusing George Tenet of being “behind the charges against me that claimed that I gave intelligence information to Iran.” Note the timing. Chalabi is in high damage control mode and he’s trying to put himself as the victim of the CIA, when in fact the CIA distanced itself from him in the mid 1990s because he gave them a load of crap intelligence. USA Today has the full report in “Chalabi accuses George Tenet of being behind allegations against him”:

Chalabi, a longtime favorite of the Pentagon, is at the center of a controversy over whether he then shared with Iranian officials the closely guarded information about methods used by the United States to spy on the Iranian regime.


Chalabi also accused Tenet of providing “erroneous information about weapons of mass destruction to President Bush, which caused the government much embarrassment at the United Nations and his own country.”

Chalabi, you’ve spun your way out of a lot of screwed up things in your past: the Jordan bank scam in the 1980s, Iraq intelligence forgeries and false defector reports of WMDs as recently as 2002 and a plethora of other illegalities. The fact is, the man is lying his ass off right now in order to save his own. I think it’s time we turned the heat up on him and exposed himfor the huckster and opportunist scamster that he is

Chalabi accuses George Tenet of being behind allegations against him [USA Today]

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