Chalabi Out; House Raided

Ahmad Chalabi has been on the slide for the past week, and this administration is distancing itself from this man who may take the fall for much of the bogus information that was vetted prior to the invasion.

To start off, funding from the U.S. of $335,000-per-month was cut-off earlier this week.

Not content with that, they went and raided his house and were looking for 15 suspects who were wanted for fraud, kidnapping and “associated matters.” Several people were arrested — Chalabi was apparently not a suspect — but take a look at his company if you want to judge his character.

It gets better though, American Dynamics has the backstory on Chalabi, and he’s no stranger to fraudsters and huckers: “Back in the 90’s Chalabi had quite a run. He ran away from Jordan and was convicted in absentia of massive bank fraud. But defrauding Jordan is small time, Chalabi soon moved his operation to DC. First he worked on the CIA and State Department, selling them bullshit ‘intelligence’ out of Iraq while siphoning funds for more operations.” The CIA eventually wised up to his deceptions and kicked him out.

But round two starts just as his career as a huckster is on the downhill. He approached Cheney and sold them on the idea that he could take the reins of Iraq for them after an invasion. The administration bought into this fantasy so much that they believed damn near every lie he told them — grandiose claims of WMD programs and dreams of flowers and parades on our arrival — to the point that they flew him in right after the invasion and expected him to pick up and become the defacto new leader of Iraq. Sad thing is, everyone in Iraq seems to know what a sham this guy is.

The fact is, once he flew in, he became another two-bit thug in Iraq, except he was milking the American payroll the entire time. He established his own war-lord mansion and lifestyle and set about consorting with thugs and kidnappers (later hiring and housing them), fueling the growing chaos and hatred on our dime. What’s worse, we let him raid the troves of Baath documents, effectively sponsoring his black-mail and revenge operations.

I say good riddance to this guy (and we should have arrested him, not just his cohorts); Someone get an investigation going on the Whitehouse for letting this fraudster pillage our goodwill with the Iraqi people and wasting our time and money.

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