Bush Military Record Timeline

This is an awesome timeline that makes sense of all of George W. Bush’s various transfers during his Air National Guard stint. I would have expanded the years fully, since it is a bit skewed to showing when GW was AWOL or transferring, but aside from that caveat, it’s a really good visual analysis.

Bush Air National Guard Timeline
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Mark Frauenfelder of bOINGbOING also weighs in, saying:

President Bush had a lot of fun as a pilot in the Air National Guard. He got to fly really cool jets, while maintaining the lifestyle of a rich playboy with plenty of upstairs connections that allowed him to ignore direct orders from his commander and come and go as he pleased. And now, the President has a team of folks dedicated to smearing Kerry for volunteering for hazardous duty in Vietnam. And it’s working! Most people now believe Bush is a military hero while Kerry is a shirking, wobbly liar. The president is a lot smarter than I thought.

» W visual explanation, version 1.1 [Simon Woodside]
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  1. I’m tired of people making him out to be a super hero that volunteered for the “shit”. When Kerry volunteered for Swift Boat duty the boats only patroled the relatively safe sea shores. It wasn’t until after he got in that role of the Swift Boat was changed and they were sent inland on the dangerous river patrol missions.