Bush, Irish TV Interview: Can I Finish? Can I Finish?

You know, when I mentioned Ross Perot the other day, I didn’t mean that Bush should channel Perot. Regardless, this 15-minute Carole Coleman interview of George Bush by Ireland’s RTE is surely being watched repeatedly in a creative meeting at the The Daily Show. On no less than five occasions, the interviewer interjected — to either steer Bush back towards the question being asked or follow-up (it was a tad rude by American standards, but the frustration is classic). Here’s a partial transcript of one of the finer moments:

Coleman: “The world is a more dangerous place today.”

Bush: “Why do you say that? . . . ”

Coleman: “I think there is a feeling that the world has become a more dangerous place because you have taken the focus off Al Qaeda and diverted into Iraq. Do you not see that the world is a more dangerous place? I saw four of your soldiers lying dead, on the television, the other day. . . . ”

Bush: “You know, listen, nobody cares more about the death than I do.

Coleman: “Is there a point at which —

Bush: “Let me finish. Please, please, let me finish, then you can follow up, if you don’t mind. Nobody cares more about the deaths than I do. I care about it a lot. But I do believe that the world is a safer place, and becoming a safer place. . . .

“People join terrorist organizations because there’s no hope and there’s no chance to raise their families in a peaceful world where there is not freedom . . . so the idea is to promote freedom and at the same time protect our security

Here’s the video of the interview with Coleman in the Map Room.

UPDATE: Here’s a text transcript of the interview from the White House web site.

Bush Interview (Realvideo) [RTE]
Interview of the President by Radio and Television Ireland [WhiteHouse.gov]

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