Bush Falls off Bike: Chance for Introspective

Bush took a spill from his bicycle while riding the 16th of a 17-mile trek around his Crawford ranch (there’s an obvious “last mile” joke here, but I’ll pass). He was reported to be okay, but had some cuts on his hands, knees, chin and nose (quite a battle with the ground I’d say). I wanted to point out to everyone that in the political game of humor, no one gets a free pass and Kerry also fell off his bike a month or so ago.

Here’s a sampling of a thread from Free Republic that had observations on Kerry’s spill while riding in Boston, you may notice that some of the jokes are interchangeable:

“If this Kerry the Klutz gets elected in November, it may finally get Gerald Ford off the hook.”

“No sooner had the bike fallen over than it stood back up again only to fall over on its other side. This move was repeated several times after which the senator denied any of it had actually happened.”

“AP is reporting that Kerry has just put himself up for an unprecedented fourth purple heart from injuries related to the fall.”

“He’s O.K. He landed on his head.”

It’s funny because Bush also landed on his head.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to give props to AngryFinger for the heads up and all that, he has a great pictorial of all of Bush’s falls (the idea he attributed to me, but whatever… I mean thanks) and asks: “In the last ten years, let alone two, can you remember having a fall that resulted in a face plant? Not once but twice?”

Bush Suffers Cuts, Bruises While Biking [AP]
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