Bush: Don’t Annoy him with Debates

Bush is considering skipping the second of three debates, slated to take place in St. Louis, MO in a town-hall setting. BC04 fears that partisans may infiltrate the debate and ask pointed questions that have been filtered from the other two debates. The Washington Post has the full story:

A presidential adviser said campaign officials were concerned that people could pose as undecided when they actually are partisans.

“It’s not a fear of the format,” said the adviser, who refused to be identified to avoid annoying Bush. “They want two debates that are focused on clear differences on foreign and domestic policy. We benefit from the differences.” [empahasis added]

Ok, If your sole concern as a supporter is not to annoy Bush when releasing a statement, then imagine how he’d react when a bunch of people started asking questions about his ability to lead the country. The real story here is that this debate would be unscripted and would be the first encounter with Joe Public that wasn’t screened since Bush took office. If I did as crappy a job as Bush, I would skip this too.

» Bush Likely to Bow Out of 1 Debate [WaPo]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. We all know that Bush is too busy watching after the country and our best interest to be bothered with the debate. I mean the democrats should have had enough respect for this time of war and the dire situation this nation finds itself in to trust the steady hand of our president and not field a candidate. . . .

    But seriously. . .what difference does it make if there are “partisans” in the audience? Shouldn’t the President be accountable to every citizen of this nation?