Bush Bored Kid

First there was the Star Wars kid, now there is this kid about 13 or 14-years-old who was obviously not interested in whatever Bush had to say at this fundraiser. I call him the “Bush Bored Kid”. David Letterman did a segment on Monday called “George W. Bush: Invigorating America’s Youth”, which showed this kid in all his bored glory. Hilarious.

Video 1 (RealVideo 2.0MB), where he yawns, stretches, and checks his watch.

Video 2 (RealVideo 5.7MB), where David Letterman makes fun of CNN for believing the Whitehouse statement that it was digitally altered.

His father had this to say:

“I accept full responsibility for that,” the forlorn father said. “His mother was out of town, and I let him stay up too late. I should have prepped him better.”

I’d say that no amount of prepping can prepare anyone for the natural sedative effects of a Bush speech.

The David Letterman videos are rehosted here, but were originally found on Over/Spun.

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UPDATE: Here’s a story about the comedy of errors made by CNN. Apparently you are allowed to make up Whitehouse quotes if you work at CNN, at least that’s what I was told that by their head of public relations. Thanks to Bob for pointing this article.

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