Badnarik to Attend Next SpaceShipOne Flight?

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SpaceShipOne, Government Zero

Image found at Reason: Hit & Run’s entry “Who Needs NASA?”

Michael Badnarik is getting smart in finding ways to pop himself into the spotlight (or near it). He’s applauded the SpaceShipOne launch and sent them a congratulatory letter saying:

It is my hope to attend a subsequent launch of SpaceShipOne — perhaps at the second “X-prize” flight — and if possible to shake your hand and extend these congratulations personally.

It would be extremely timely and would highlight the libertarian stance of private business over government (and the press could snap some photos of him shaking hands). He’ll need to get on the ball and clear a day off his schedule though because that’s going to be very very soon. According to the X-Prize rules, “The flight vehicle must be flown twice within a 14-day period.”

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