Badnarik Site Finally Getting Redesign

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And it’s looking pretty good, well… so far. Thank God they have decided to ditch the horrible incarnation of the current site and go with what will hopefully be a design that is “so fresh and so clean clean.” I hope they come up with a clean logo. Here’s my suggestion for the header, since they are clearly missing one:

Badnarik Mock Header
[click for full size]

It’s still pretty raw in appearance, and don’t get me started on using tables vs CSS, but overall it’s a hell of a lot better looking than the current site. Hopefully they will fix the blog so that it doesn’t track the main Badnarik site as a referrer for the list of recent referrers.

Note: removed commentary on Badnarik’s blog vulnerability due to campaign’s request.

Anyways, back to the redesign. I’m not sure how long it will take, and frankly I stumbled across it by accident thanks to the referrer feature on the blog, but I’ve linked to it anyways. Selah!

UPDATE: Due to popular demand (and it seems that people must want to use this as a banner), I have cleaned it up and made the “Libertarian for President” text easier to read. I’m not putting him in a suit though, so neener:

Badnarik Mock Header VERSION 2
[click for full size]

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