Badnarik Redesign: This is How We Rock

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If you’ve been visiting Hammer of Truth for any length of time, you might know that I’ve been working with the Badnarik/Campagna ’04 presidential campaign. Well, a lot of hard work has come to fruition tonight with the transfer to a new redesign of the campaign site.

It’s been a tough campaign to work on for, and if anyone doubts Joe Trippi’s metaphor of everyone trying to steer the ship away from the iceberg ahead (and creating little more than a wiggly path straight for it), then all you have to do is work on one. I’ve had my share of spats with the campaign (including heated email exchanges with campaign manager Fred Collins), and while we all have our opinion of what the best strategy is to garner much needed media attention, I believe we are on course to create quite a disturbance in this year’s political season. Incidentally, I was able to meet Fred on Sunday at a fundraiser when Badnarik was in Atlanta, and we were able to amiably discuss campaign strategy and how it dovetails with web strategy.

Already we are looking at unconventional forms of advertising and have quickly found out that most media outlets will shun a candidate for converage unless they advertise on their network (a perverse form of quid pro quo, but it’s true). Because of these types of hurdles, internet media strategy is being kicked up a notch, and a script has been developed and is under consideration for humorous campaign ads that will only be released on the web (and I expect will be picked up by media outlets and pundits). Be on the lookout for those.

Anyways, I want to thank you for continuing to keep this blog in your blogrolls, your RSS readers and in your bookmarks, because I know I’ve definitely been slacking when it comes to posting here. With 8 hours a day dedicated to my job and most remaining time spent working on the campaign, it’s been nothing if not impossible to actually come up with quips and clever analysis for this site. I think things are starting to level off now, so I’ll be posting on a more timely basis.

I look forward to continuing to assist this campaign all the way to the election, and I think we have a fine team of designers, developers, sysadmins and internet geeks on our team. I thank each and every one of them.

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. And how, please tell, do you explain the fact that the new official
    website has almost no Badnarik audio or video, the last comments link was removed. and no message forum?

    Web strategy? The only strategy I see is one where all potential
    Badnarik supporters are confined to a ‘just another politican’s website’ and when they tire of the blog, they get to download
    a .pdf flyer or a bumper sticker. I am not impressed. It seems
    obvious to me, and alot of others who are watching, exactly
    what is going on. Over 1.2 GB of Badnarik multimedia available,
    $750,000 in the bank, something smells.

    Stephen Van Dyke, Im calling you out too:

  2. Now if you would just redesign the disastrous Badnarik/Campagna yard signs. I just finished writing a whole screed on this on my own blog, but they’re a real disaster and need to be redone from the ground up. Any different design would have a high chance of being less confusing and more appealing – maybe even readable from a slow moving car.


  3. I wish,

    The whole “branding” thing was a total disaster and this campaign has been marred by incompetent advertising strategies. I’m hoping we can at least use the web to make up for this deficit, but if the new ads suck as bad as the other ones, then there’s no chance of an insurgent groundswell of support.