Badnarik/Cobb Arrested while Serving Judge’s Order to CPD

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This is bad news for our democracy:

presidential candidates Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) and David Cobb (Green Party) were just arrested. Badnarik was carrying an Order to Show Cause, which he intended to serve the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Earlier today, Libertarians attempted to serve these same papers at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the CPD – but were stopped from approaching the CPD office by security guards.

Here’s a visual of what happened (via):

Badnarik and Cobb humorous arrest image

The network media has been mum on the whole event, which surely should be raising some big red flags as far as how screwed up our country has become. We are officially an oligarchy if they get away with this. My guess is that it will take an even larger black eye from the blogosphere than the one that was given to Dan Rather for this to even register as a problem for the majority of Americans.

I’m thinking about puting that image on the front page of the Badnarik/Campagna `04 site for the splash graphic if I don’t get a useable photograph of the arrest by the end of the day (apparently it was dark at the time).

» MICHAEL BADNARIK ARRESTED [Badnarik/Campagna `04]

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