Argh! More Iraq POW Photos with Soldiers Giving Thumbs Up

Iraq POW - Navy SEALThis is almost absurd. AP uncovered more POW photos, this time taken by Navy SEALs, showing what appears to be abuse (unconfirmed, but one prisoner is spouting blood like a fountain). But seriously, the reason I picked the photo above is because, fuck, didn’t our guys learn anything from Abu Ghraib?

The similarity to Lyndie England’s thumbs up smiling pose are almost comically parallel. I almost wonder if the DoD handed out a pamphlet that said: “Do not take photos of prisoners of war, but if you must, make sure it’s a good one and extend a thumbs up for the maximum trophy shot effect.”

Anyways, bOINGbOING has more details, including the fact that AP found the pictures by just Googling for them. How fucked up is that? You can skip straight to the pictures if you want, there’s quite a few of them (via MemoryBlog).

Stephen VanDyke

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