“Andy Kaufman Returns” is Hoax


UPDATE: Zmuda performed at House of Blues, then invited everyone to the Bunny Ranch:

Clifton would out do him, he told the crowd, as he announced “Act 3″…wherein the legendary porn star Ron Jeremy came out with a sign, also held by Dennis Huff, who is apparently the owner of the Midnight Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Act 3 will be tomorrow night (actually tonight, I guess) for anybody who can make it to the Bunny Ranch for free….whatever you like…between 8pm and Midnight.


A few Bunny Ranch denizens then took off their top and invited everyone to come on up tomorrow night for all they could eat.

Apparently Zmuda was able to make it. Photo of Zmuda performing as “Tony Clifton” character at House of Blues.


The website, Andy Kaufman Returns, is being outted here at Hammer of Truth as a HOAX!


Recently, two items were released that spelled doom for the hoax–which is being perpetrated by Kaufman’s old friend Bob Zmuda–a press release using the free wire service PR Web, and photos of an event at the Bunny Ranch near Las Vegas.

ADDITIONAL COLOR PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured is the character “Tony Clifton”, who was played by both Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda. Zmuda continues to play the character at his comedy club. (See this is what happens when I try my hand at that “real reporting”, I prefer the Wonkette approach: make shit up).

Hammer of Truth uncovered the real identity after a whopping three minutes of searching the Internet. In the Bunny Ranch photo, Bob Zmuda is the same outfit from the House of Blues performance earlier that night. His appearance is similar to an earlier photo taken during an interview with the website “Crimewave U.S.A” on the then-upcoming book Andy Kaufman Revealed! Best Friend Tells All. Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda both played the character “Tony Clifton” to many audieces that could not discern who was who. Zmuda has pulled one over on the public again in this outlandish hoax on the anniversary of Kaufman’s death.

Readers are noting that “Andy never had a dimpled chin” and “even if he got fat, that’s Zmuda’s nose”!


The hoax is part of a larger press stunt orchestrated by Zmuda for his night club Comic Relief, in Los Angeles California.


“Andy himself stated that were he to fake his death, he would return 20 years later to the day. MAY 16TH 2004 IS THAT DAY. Over one hundred personal ads will be taken out, across the country and abroad, reminding him of his words. Will he show?”

This historic celebration will feature a special premiere showing, along with star appearances by RODNEY DANGERFIELD, CAROLINE RHEA, BOB ODENKIRK, ANDY DICK, PAUL RUDD, PHIL HENDRIE, JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER, RICH VOSS, ZACK GALIFIANAKIS, and a rare performance by International singing sensation TONY CLIFTON &THE CLIFTONES AND HIS STEAMY CLIFTONETTES.


$250 VIP tickets include select seating & celebrity reception (hopefully with Andy); general seating is $99.95; standing room only $50

Kinda steep for a few B-list actors where Andy would “hopefully” show up. Our sources say he was unable to make the party because that whole dying thing will kinda do that to you.


FLASHBACK: Zmuda played “Tony Clifton” character at “Man on the Moon” press junket in order to push his upcoming book. He got into a fake fight with Jim Carrey and the two smashed reporter’s tapes and recorders in an arranged publicity stunt.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Fearing the possibility of this scenario and the potential for another hoax, Kaufman’s family has contracted with independent auditors Ernst & Young to determine if this in fact the real Andy Kaufman. He has subjected himself to medical This is a quote from a news article about Andy Kaufman’s return. “examination and submitted DNA, hair, blood and fingerprint samples to the auditors. Ernst & Young and the Kaufman family report that with a 99% probability, this is indeed the real Andy Kaufman.” Guess what idiots…looks like the joke’s on you! A Hoax it is NOT. You people and everyone like you reallyneed to learn to wait for facts and information to come out before making such rediculous webpages and tossing your ideas around like the butt candy it is.

  2. That’s the fake press release I mentioned, you’re the one without a clue.

  3. Alas the news report was debunked, even by “andy” himself. HOWEVER sportsfans, even the “hammer of Truth” can be debunked….here’s how: Two men played one character created of heavy makeup and rubber cosmetic pieces so that both men gave off the appearance of the same character without it being too obvious just who was playing the Tony Clifton character, that was the WHOLE DAMN POINT. The same goes for the wardrobe, who’s to say they didn’t have the same wardrobe if not share it , they were men of the same bsic size…ok so this takes care of the nose and jacket, now the appearances…If it is in fact Andy, what better way to make a comeback than to masquerade in front of our faces while we all think its Bob Zmuda when it could be him, even in the staged incident involving Jim Carrey…the actor that portraid him…..that would be comedic genius. There are realms of possibilities, but it seems to me this site and its “owner” chose to be narrow minded and thinks to have been the “first” to proven the entire story a hoax when in fact nothing of the sort has occured here. Well now that I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame and my fun I;m outta here…I’m sure there will be more to come from me later. ;) Peace out Andy Fans.

  4. Nice of you to post my copy of the press release AFTER you declare it a hoax…..especially when i posted it before you had any idea it even existed. P.S. Hammer of Truth Fans, “Andy” debunked it himself first, not Hammer of Truth. I posted a copy of the report, shortly after, “Andy” debunks it himself, then Hammer of Truth’s VanDyke carries the story himself actually gleaning information out of the posts made on Andy’s own website. Various people made posts regarding the cvarious issues brought up here, he hasn’t made any discoveries, he’s just copied everybody else’s stuff and juggled it around. THEN reposts my copy of the debunked news report, which like i said was posted before he made any comments concerning the report.Moral of the story here? HAMMER OF TRUTH DEBUNKED Try Hammer of Copied Shit or Hammer of Other People’s Comments or Hamme of Move Posts Around To Make Myself Look Intelligent.

  5. Quote this asshole and don’t even try to say you desrve any credit, you haven’t deserved any credit for any of the material onthis site retarding this entire subject.

    Andy Kaufman Returns” Was My Hoax, Admits Fan
    A rabid Andy Kaufman fan admits to recent “Andy Kaufman Is Alive” hoax.

    (PRWEB) On May 19th 2004 a Press Release from New York was issued claiming that infamous comedian and prankster Andy Kaufman was apparently back from the dead after allegedly faking his own death in 1984. The outlandish release had explained that Kaufman was in fact alive and well, and had been living in secrecy for the past 20 years. The report was met with scepticism by the mainstream media, but it did not prevent some news sources reporting it at as fact.

    Although many have speculated that Kaufman, a notorious prankster, could have indeed faked his death, a press release was issued today from 26 year old Enrique Proust of Burbank, CA, claiming he was responsible for the recent reports.

    “I faked the whole thing”, Proust explained, “it was very easy to do. I am deeply sorry for any distress I have caused to the Kaufman family and any of Andy’s closest friends”. He continued, “it was my intention to continue the spirit of Andy Kaufman alive and to provoke debate about his possible whereabouts, but I did not anticipate the feelings of those closest to him, and for that I’m very sorry.”

    On his website Proust, as Kaufman, had made several defamatory remarks about the Kaufman family, claiming that they themselves part of an elaborate hoax and were not actually related to Kaufman. It is rumoured that these remarks may have prompted their recent “cease and desist” order against Proust.

    Kaufman’s life-long friend and charity event organizer, Bob Zmuda, made the following statement regarding Proust’s press release.

    “I’m very glad to hear that Mr. Proust has decided to stop his recent activities which had deeply upset Andy’s family,” he said. “I understand Mr. Proust’s intentions, and I’m sure Andy would have loved the idea for people to believe he was still alive, but this has been a rather destructive and upsetting event for family, friends and fans of Andy’s alike.”

    “If Andy was coming back,” added Zmuda, “believe me, I’d know about it, and he’s definitey not”.

    According to Proust, his website, “Andy Kaufman Returns” will be taken down within the next few weeks and it is expected that he will post an apology and explanation shortly. “I still hope that Andy will one day make a triumphant return”, he said.

  6. PS my previous posts and points stil stand even though this has all turned out be a farse in the long run.

  7. Folks, I have no idea what G. Copeland is smoking, but if he’d pass some around we might accomplish world peace.

  8. Smoke a little less and you might see the simplicity of your own mistakes. Bottom line is, you pull the “you heard it here first” bit, you try some half ass “facts” to disprove everything. I made the first mistake with the Yahoo distributede press release admittedly so, the least you could do is admit your own mistakes. You’re pulling info from other sources making all the discoveries and info from conversation from other posts on the blog, re-arrange the postings on here like my post came after your brilliant discovery *cough*bullshit*cough* and have yet to rescind your own statements. First rule of reporting which I myself broke in the beginning, make sure your sources are reliable and don’t lay claim to anyone else’s material and last but not least admit when you screw up as I have. Hopefully you caught my little play on words “retarding” this entire this entire subiject, because that’s exactly what you and I have seem to have accomplished together, but hey we all need a partner in crime. ;) peace out

  9. I don’t edit posts retroactively to change them to fit facts (ie- you claimed I added the press release that you mentioned in your original comment, I did not). If I screw up or get something wrong, I acknowledge it.

    Right now, I will acknowledge that the most glaring mistake that I have made in this is that it is not Zmuda behind the hoax. I should not have speculated that when it’s clear that anyone could have passed the photos off as himself, especially on a blog.

    I was the first to post that it was a hoax (other people beat me to it on the Kaufman returns site), but I did verify based on leads and comments from other people. The wholeness of the facts laid out make it clear that this was a hoax, and now that Proust himself has come forward, what else is there to say?

    You seem to be bitter and upset that I would report that this is a hoax and not attribute it to someone who has the scoop, and I would like to know who I should be attributing it to.

  10. Bitter? Never. Upset? Not even close. Continuing to poke at the ribs of those that would take credit where it isn’t due? Anytime I can. -“It’s the American Way” . You did change the posting around, my post concerning the report appeared on your site before you posted any comment yourself on it. Only after my post did you comment and all ofa sudden my post slid down the ladder as if i posted after you “made your discovery of facts etc”. Everything you discussed regarding his nose and suit and pics all came from that blogger website discussion forum, none of these revelations were your own, nor were you the first to discover or report or verify anything. I’m still having fun with it, I never gave a rats ass if it was him or not, hell I’m still enjoying the hell out of it.

  11. You might want to investigate “Enrique Proust” just a bit more before you pass along this as being his handiwork, or even positing that Enrique exists. Try Brad Friedman’s Blog, “Claire Chanel’s” Andy message board to better understand. Enrique Proust?!? Pfft. Yeah, right. And Stephen Maddox is supposedly behind Enrique’s andykaufmanlives.com site.

    It’s all a ruse, but it’s far more elaborate than some teenaged pencil-necked geek fan has the cojones for, IMO. Not so sure you’re not 100 percent right with your first guess of Zmuda.

    The “blog” and, more importantly, it’s execution, is exactly the kind of stunt he ascribes to Kaufman in his “Revealed!” book: Playing the good guy, then the bad guy, then the good guy again, ’til everybody’s brains resemble oatmeal.

    Anyway, happy sleuthing.

  12. Sorry for the misuse of “it’s” in my last paragraph.

    Thought you might want to go here:


    and view the latest entry wherein “Enrique Proust” states he has nothing to do with the press releases.

    I’ve already manned the crayolas and completed my own nice, pretty picture. You’re welcome to do the same.

  13. Damn this thing is going in circles. I think I’ll leave the sluething up to VanDyke on this one.

  14. G Copeland, you ever gonna actually write in that blog you started, or what?!? :)

  15. Yeah I will but I probably won’t get it started until sometime tomorrow after some much needed rest.

  16. Oh 6clan by the way means 6 feet under as in well we’re dealing with “dead legends” here lol.