American Coup D’etat?

First, this seems like a pretty good analysis, but take it with a grain of salt. Second, either a lot of people are buying into this (it is currently ranked #13 on Blogdex), or a lot of people wouldn’t mind if the CIA had a plan in place to take down the president. But the title may be a misnomer, because it appears that the only coup in the story is the White House imploding over an array of scandals (Abu Ghraib, the Plame Affair, WMDs, Chalabi, the list goes on). However it tries very earnestly to establish a clear picture of a CIA that has been actively thwarting White House misdeeds and is finally tightening the noose on what many would argue is a rogue administration. From the Wilderness has the run-down in “Coup D’etat: The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned from the CIA on June 3rd and 4th”:

Both resignations [George Tenet (DCI) and James Pavitt, CIA Deputy Director of Operations (DDO)], perhaps soon to be followed by resignations from Colin Powell and his deputy Richard Armitage, are about the imminent and extremely messy demise of George W. Bush and his Neocon administration in a coup d’etat being executed by the Central Intelligence Agency. The coup, in the planning for at least two years, has apparently become an urgent priority as a number of deepening crises threaten a global meltdown.

Based upon recent developments, it appears that long-standing plans and preparations leading to indictments and impeachment of Bush, Cheney and even some senior cabinet members have been accelerated, possibly with the intent of removing or replacing the entire Bush regime prior to the Republican National Convention this August.

Now, I’m not going to put much into this one since it’s a lot of speculation and relies heavily on unnamed sources, but it does seem to make a certain amount of sense. Consider it a theory, but not an entirely outlandish one.

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Coup D’etat [From the Wilderness]

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