America Still Supports the Troops

Airline TroopsWe found this to be a great story: 14 passengers in first-class gave their seats to soldiers returning home. The Mercury News has the details in First-class fliers donate seats to U.S. soldiers:

A first-class passenger on American Airlines flight 866 from Atlanta to Chicago on June 29 started a “domino effect” in first class when he decided to give up his seat to a soldier, according to American Airlines spokeswoman Jacquie Young.

It’s a great story because it shows shows that Americans are doing something important to support the troops. What better way to say “thanks for losing your legs and getting shrapnel in your face because our president sent you into this deluded war” than to offer them your extra leg room and hot towels?

First-class fliers donate seats to U.S. soldiers [Mercury News] [via MeFi]

Stephen VanDyke

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