Abu Ghraib Protest Leads to Felony Charges

Call it hyper-vigilance gone totally wrong. 21-year-old Joe Previtera stood on a milk crate and reënacted the infamous scene from Abu Ghraib of the prisoner forced to balance on a box with electrical wires attached to his hands and genitals. The result of this protest in front of a military recruiting office in Boston? a misdemeanor charge and two felony charges: “false report of location of explosives” and a “hoax device.” The Boston Phoenix has the story in “Recruitment-Office Protest.”

A follow-up by the Boston HeraldWired war protester gets break — says that “prosecutors are considering ‘amending’ bomb-threat charges” against Previtera.

Abu Ghraib protestor

This is total malarky on the part of the district attorney. Any rational judge is going to rule that there was no “intent” on the part of Previtera. At the most, he should uphold the charges of creating a public disturbance, but even that is a stretch for anyone with any common sense. Judge the pictures for yourself and you will see that he was not intending to do anything other than play-act the part of the Abu Ghraib prisoner.

Recruitment-Office Protest. [Boston Phoenix]
Wired war protester gets break [Boston Herald]

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