Abu Ghraib: Prepare For A Moral Chernobyl

The story is continuing to unfold about the abuses and torture at Abu Ghraib, but we may have to start using stronger words once the more dire pictures and videos emerge. Christopher Hitchens writes for Slate in “A Moral Chernobyl: Prepare for the worst of Abu Ghraib”:

We may have to start using blunt words like murder and rape to describe what we see. And one linguistic reform is in any case already much overdue. The silly word “abuse” will have to be dropped.


And the jihadists will continue to make big mistakes based on their mad theory. […] But you must not bring in that pig or that electrode. That way lies madness and corruption and the extraction of junk confessions.

Yeah, I also noticed that congressmen like James Inhofe (“I’m outraged more by the outrage”) have been barely peeping over the growing scandal. Who wants to lay down money that this is going to pop by Thursday? Just in time to complete the worst Bush week to date. Things are truly beginning to come to a head, and it’s very likely that the grumblings of impeachment will start growing louder as the whole scandal comes to light.

A Moral Chernobyl: Prepare for the worst of Abu Ghraib [Slate]

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