A Day Without a Mexican

An interesting movie came out today called “A Day Without a Mexican.”

It looks interesting, from what I in the movie trailer (5MB on a T1 took 20+ minutes). The storyline is simple, all of the Mexicans disappear. Not in the quasi-metaphorical sense that no one can see them, but they literally vanish in thin air. The result is a world where people have to cut their own grass, wash their own dishes, park their own cars and other daily chores that are taken for granted as being done by Mexicans.

From the movie sypopsis page:

As time goes by, the State continues to deteriorate: Garbage has taken over the streets and tears are permanently painted on the faces of most citizens as the 5th largest economy in the world tumbles. The realization that what has disappeared is the very thing that keeps the “California Dream” running — cooks, gardeners, policemen, nannies, doctors, farm and construction workers, entertainers, athletes, as well as the largest growing market of consumers — has turned Latinos and their return into the number one priority in the State.

I wish this were playing in more places than just Southern California and a few venues in Texas. See the theater listing to see if one is near you.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. What is so tabooish about being a Mexican in the United States who was born here. I’m from Illinois, Chicago and why is this movie only playing in Texas and California it’s not fair. I can’t help it, but we are scattered everywhere, and I am proud of being a Mexican born here.

  2. Okay! Please bring the movie to states where we see a growing population of Mexicans. Like CHICAGO, pretty please!

  3. Why make a movie and restrict it to being shown only in certain areas? I am a Mexican, being born and raised in San Jose, CA and believe it should be viewed by all.

  4. dude if you were born in the states youre not a mexican god i hate chicanos, yo si soy mexicano puro nacido en mexico, no te adornes con pendejadas