9/11 Commission on Saddam/Al Qaida Link: ‘No Credible Evidence’

CheneyDick Cheney is either totally off his rocker, or he’s the biggest liar ever seen. Here’s the most insane contradiction I have ever seen as the AP reports that there’s no credible link between Saddam and Al Qaida in “9/11 Panel Disputes Iraq Link in Attacks”:

Bin Laden made overtures to Saddam for assistance, the commission said, as he did with leaders in Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere in his drive to build an Islamic army.

While Saddam dispatched a senior Iraqi intelligence official to Sudan to meet with bin Laden in 1994, the commission said it had not turned up evidence of a “collaborative relationship.”

Stunning, if you remember that a mere two days ago, Cheney was still citing Saddam’s Al Qaida link as a pretense for invasion. AP reports in “Cheney Claims al-Qaida Linked to Saddam”:

The vice president on Monday offered no details backing up his claim of a link between Saddam and al Qaida.

“He was a patron of terrorism,” Cheney said of Hussein during a speech before The James Madison Institute, a conservative think-tank based in Florida. “He had long established ties with al Qaida.”

Maybe he has super secret information that no one else does. Or maybe he also believes in Santa Clause. Wonkette has the snark on this in “Cheney Insists on Existence of Al-Qaida/Hussein Connection, Santa Claus”:

Asked to defend his claims — which have been largely discredited by policy experts and denounced by members of Congress — Cheney demonstrated the administration’s latest approach to intelligence gathering, putting his fingers in his ears and singing, “La-la-la-la-la! I can’t hear you!”

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