Roundup: 9/11 Commission Final Report

9/11 Commission ReportThe 9/11 Commission finally got around to releasing it’s findings today in a whopping 585-page report to Congress. The findings are essentially the same thing we’ve been hearing ad nauseum: more sharing of intelligence, assessment of weaknesses, yadda yadda. Anyways, it’s really long and I’ve only skimmed over it, but there’s nothing earth-shattering in this report other than the fact that its the definitive guide to what happened on 9/11. Perhaps now the conspiracy theories will be laid to rest (ha).

Instead of trying to come up with my own clever ruminations on the report, I’ve been culling the news today for who has the best things to say, so here’s a roundup:

  • First off, Boing Boing has a whole list of links and would like to point you to the online version, the trade book version and the badass HTML formatted Executive Summary by
  • Next up, is our friend Angry Finger, who puts it bluntly, saying “This report would have been a hell of a lot shorter if it had just pointed out what the FBI and CIA had done. Right now I wouldn’t trust those idiots to watch my sandwich.”
  • The Decadent West weighs in on the report, calling it “bi-partisan and completely genuine,” yet at the same time “a complete waste of time.” They go on to rhetorically ask whether the government will “wait until Al-Qaeda nukes us to shed the petty partisan bickerings?”
  • Soundfury also sounds the alarm of righteous indignation in asking “what did the Commission tell us that we didn’t already know?” He has a list of good questions that are still unanswered, our favorite is: “How well is the Patriot Act really working? Is it preventing terrorism? Is it helping track down al-Qaeda cells? What aspects of the Patriot Act work, and what portions of it don’t?”
  • Soundfury gets rebutted, as there is there is coverage of the effectiveness of the USA PATRIOT Act in the report, as noticed by the ACLU. They issued this reponse today: “Regarding civil liberties, the 9/11 Commission report essentially says that the Justice Department and White House have not made a compelling case for either the administration?Äôs obsession with secrecy or its Patriot Act.”
  • More items as I find them, send in your links.

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