26 Former Reagan/Bush Sr. Officials: Bush Must Go

This is going to be the bombshell of the week for the Bush administration. A (mostly) non-partisan group of retired and former high-level government officials are going to be issuing a joint statement calling for Bush not to be re-elected in November. The statement will explicitly condemn Bush’s foreign policy. The Los Angeles Times has the scoop in “Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go”:

The document does not explicitly endorse Kerry, according to those familiar with it. But some individual signers plan to back the Democrat, and others acknowledge that by calling for Bush’s removal, the group effectively is urging Americans to elect Kerry.

“The core of the message is that we are so deeply concerned about the current direction of American foreign policy ?Ķ that we think it is essential for the future security of the United States that a new foreign policy team come in,” said Oakley.

Much of the debate over the document in the days ahead may pivot on the extent to which it is seen as a partisan document.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this spun as a partisan issue as a preemptive strike by the Rove team. But considering that only two of the twenty-six have actually endorsed John Kerry (frankly I don’t see how calling Bush’s policies a failure could be partisan), this strategy of attack may end up exploding back on the White House.

Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go [Los Angeles Times]

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