2004 Scariest Halloween Costumes…

Man, I’m still laughing…

2004 Scariest Halloween Costumes

You have to check out thestranger.com‘s special feature on “2004’s Scariest Halloween Costumes,” pretty damn funny.

Here’s a description and a “how to make your own” explanation for the costume pictured here:

Your child will be the hit of the neighborhood costume parade in this recreation of the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal’s most indelible image. As an added bonus this easy-to-make costume will remind everyone on your child’s trick-or-treat route of our national shame! Simply roll a cone from a sheet of 24″x38″ black cardstock, making sure to cut out a hole for the face. Drape with two yards of black felt, and add leftover wires from your last lamp-rewiring project. Voila! So easy, so quick, and so terrifying!

Total cost: Under $20.
Total time: Under two hours.

If this eye-catching outfit doesn’t do it for you there are other projects the kids can enjoy making such as:

  • Florida’s Electronic Touch-Screen Voting Machines
  • Arrested Protester
  • Nancy Reagan (The casket might be difficult to carry around, but think of how much candy it can hold!)
  • Western Hostage in Iraq

Amazing, “Bush” or “Kerry” costumes didn’t make the “scariest” list…

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