Win32 browsers, Opera 7.10 rocks the casbah

10:01AM – Opera 7.10 is officially out, so go download it ok?. It’s definitely the best win32 browser out there right now for speed, aesthetics and standards compliance. Mozilla 1.3 is a close second (which I also use), but I’m waiting for Phoenix 1.0 to make a debut before I go down that road again. IE6 however, has pulled in for a pitstop and is watching everyone lap it over and over. Maybe IE7 will be the blockbuster everyone is expecting from Microsoft. Don’t believe the hype that IE7 is the last version of Internet Explorer… Microsoft is not that dumb.

Also, a quick note to everyone… I’m just about done with the image gallery. There are over 300 pictures that I’ve been importing into the system and trying to make it pretty and easy to use. I looked at a lot of PHP photo gallery programs and found that they are usually way too complicated or are difficult to work with, so I wrote my own. I’m hoping to be done with it over the weekend, but then again I’m pretty lazy and might write a new article instead. It’s going to be a little more serious this time (HA!), so tell your friends.

To consume your time in the interim, how about the funniest Fark Photoshop contest EVER!

Stephen VanDyke

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