I’m a member of the ACLU, and sometimes they are wrong

12:45AM – It’s grammar-Nazi wars like this that make me laugh my ass off on Slashdot. That’s some funny shit.

12:13AM – I recently became a card-carrying member of the ACLU, and I feel it’s my obligation to actively participate or give them feedback when I see it is warranted. In this particular instance… I feel it’s highly appropriate. It has to do with the Muslim woman who refused to take her veil off for her DMV photo. Let’s ignore the fact that she and her husband have used their Islam faith and customs to evade police in the past. Let’s also ignore that no Islam country allows driver’s license photographs with the person wearing a veil, except in the case of Saudi Arabia, who doesn’t allow women to drive at all (also, I don’t want to base our standards of ethics on how badly other countries do things, but on how we can do them better).

I was quite upset that the ACLU would come to the defense of this woman, because this case is frivolous. Here’s the email I sent to them:

I’m a card-carrying member of this organization and I wanted to register my dissatisfaction with the stance concerning Sultaana Freeman’s religious freedom to wear a veil for her DMV photo.

The fact is, this case is ridiculous. A driver’s license is used to IDENTIFY the driver. Disguises and masks, whether for religious purposes or what-not, should not be allowed in the photo. They should however, be allowed to wear them while driving IF AND ONLY IF they do not obstruct the driver’s range of vision in any manner.

How is this so difficult concept to grasp?

I do however support the ACLU’s efforts in other more pertinant matters where racism and race-thinking has placed innocent Muslims in the clutches of the law without proper recourse or where they have been denied their rights. That’s an attrocity that all Americans have to answer to.

Stephen VanDyke

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