Hello freelancer, this week’s article is late

2:58PM – Stirred up a hornet’s nest of neo-conservative apologists over at Fark. If you came here to get ammo to flame me, may I suggest taking off your blinders.

9:01AM – I got lazy last night and played some Freelancer (if you’ve ever played Privateer, you’ll love this game). I’ve played the mission part of the game and am now eager to test out the multiplayer stuff. Then I mailed my tax returns (they were done in early March but I owed for state so I waited to mail it). Then instead of going home and writing an article, I decided I really didn’t care that much at the moment, so I stopped by the Corner Pocket pool hall and played some nine and had a couple beers. Then I went home and went to sleep, so no writing. But don’t fret, I’ll be writing tonight and it will be up tomorrow morning. Until then, go check out the Nueros MP3 player I bought recently.

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