Bidding Colorado adieu

3:54PM – Sorry for not posting a new article, there’s not a lot of news that I’m interested in following these days. I finally got my Neuros MP3 player and have been toying with that. I’m going this afternoon to get a new stereo for my car since my old one crapped out this winter (it works but the display went out and I’m left to guessing what the hell I’m playing or listening to on the radio). I’m having the guy put in a front jack so that I can plug in the player. I don’t think I’ll ever know what is “popular” anymore now that I have sixty hours of music at my touch.

I other news, I gave notice at my current job and I’m moving back to Atlanta to work at NationalNet. I worked there for a year and a half before I got burnt out and had to do something else. My first assignment is to rewrite the decrepit billing software that they bought and add a simple feature… packages. It’s funny how some companies refuse to listen to their customers and add features when there’s a support contract a mile long. Enough about that, I’ll be back in Atlanta sometime next week, and starting the new (old?) job on cinco de mayo. It’s a good reason to get drunk, so I encourage everyone to block your cubicle with empty cases of Corona on seis de mayo.

As an added bonus for putting up with my laziness in the field of updating my website, I give you: some girl pseudo-masturbating (kinda safe for work) with some crazy Japanese PS2 controller. As Joe Stump would say: “mphhphmmm mmmphhhh mphh”. I need a girlfriend like that, kickass.

Stephen VanDyke

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