Attention Syria, you’re next… move out now.

11:29AMThe Memory Hole has the scoop on a doctored photo from the London Evening Standard. It’s still amazes me that blatant lies like this are allowed to circulate relatively unchecked in the mainstream media, yet a photographer from the (liberal) Los Angeles Times edits a photo to enhance how it looks and the mouth-pieces for the Right go apeshit in denouncing him, even after he’s fired. INCONCEIVABLE!!!

10:23AM – I was talking to Joe about the new US direction and the rhetoric machine being oiled and aimed at Syria for another go in the MidEast and we came up with a quasi solution for the Syrian civilians so they don’t have to suffer the same fate as the Iraqis. Here’s a snippet of that transcript, note the LOL and HAHAHA was added later by CIA Cointelpro who are trying to discredit the anti-war movement (rolls eyes):

Stephen VanDyke: I think Syria should just move out of it’s country and see how the US reacts
Stephen VanDyke: like everyone
Stephen VanDyke: just move to Iraq
Joe Stump: that would be hysterical
Stephen VanDyke: leave some cardboard cutouts for the troops to shoot at
Stephen VanDyke: Hmm, I think I have the lead for my next article
Joe Stump: hahahaha
Joe Stump: i think so!
Joe Stump: “Syria migrates to Iraq”
Stephen VanDyke: bahaha
Stephen VanDyke: 3 million Syrian citizens crossed the border into Iraq today in an attempt to flee a foreseeable regime change by the US-led coalition of the willing.
Joe Stump: hahaha
Stephen VanDyke: Bush was qouted in a press interview as saying “OMG Syria is attacking Iraq, kill ’em all”
Joe Stump: lol

So there you have it, the solution for Syria is for it’s citizens to move to Iraq, because Iraq has already been “liberated” and it would be redundant for us to invade twice.

Stephen VanDyke

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