Working as: BrainBench Test Validator

I am doing a gig for BrainBench as a validator for the PHP4 test. I’m sure this goes over the heads of a lot of the non-techies out there but I wanted to say that this is really cool and I’m amazed they called me out of the blue.

I took their test a LONG time ago (October 2000, a long time in Internet years), I received the level of “Master” on the test and didn’t think much of it at the time aside from having something that helped validate my skills. For a while I was ranked in the top 10 in Georgia and you better believe I was EXTREMELY proud of that.

Of course, it was one of those things that I kept to myself, I was already happily employed and it was merely for my own edification to procure this type of acknowledgement. Well, that was two years ago, time passed and I sort of figured that poor BrainBench, like many other dot-coms, was doomed to financial failure.

Now, two years later and obviously still alive and kicking, BrainBench has gone and snagged their own certification to justify their testing ability, the coveted ISO 9001.

And now I get to be a test validator for their PHP4 test. I will get 25 test questions and answers and I will write what I think of them (validate them of course). I guess this could be the pinnacle of my PHP days, or it could be a completely new beginning, I look forward to following where this takes me.

Stephen VanDyke

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