Google & Dilbert: Help I’m choking on the funny, GRARGHNEH!

All this week (05/20 – 05/24), Google and Scott Adams – THURSDAY! This one truly sucks ass, I can’t believe they went back to the same image from Monday but with different text, lame.

As per usual, the original version is first, then my version is below. You can read more about this whole Google logo lunacy here. Oh yeah, this one was way over the top in the lameness factor. Why don’t they just make a stupid TPS reports joke while they are at it. Hopefully tomorrow’s new logo unveiling is a lot more eventful than the crap that’s been spewing all week. I can’t believe I’m wasting my time making fun of such weak comedy. I hope Google fires Scott Adams in a stroke of comedy brilliance and the logo is a giant pink slip that says everyone at Dilbert Inc. or whatever-the-fuck is fired and have a nice weekend.

Original Google logo for Thursday May 23rd, 2002

Modified Google logo

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