Google & Dilbert: Final Logo… *spewwwww*

All this week (05/20 – 05/24), Google and Scott Adams – FRIDAY! The culmination of a week’s worth of wacky one-liners yeilds… another weak-ass joke, except this time there’s a little TM at the end.

As per usual, the original version is first, then my version is below. You can read more about this whole Google logo lunacy here.

Holy crap, I waited all week, wading through annoying one-liners and bad jokes for this piece of shit? Well, fuck it, here’s the lady from Old Navy, because only one thing can top the annoying Dilbert logo today… Carrie Donovan and Magic trying to hawk cargo pants and fleece sweaters and GRARGGGGHHH… BRAIN ANEURISM!!!

Original Google logo for Friday May 24th, 2002

Modified Google logo

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