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Cruz, Sanders and Trump: The rise of dangerous populism

MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN!It’s no secret that Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are all riding high poll numbers on a wave of disaffection with the establishment and elitism. Being historian nerds, Hammer of Truth thought we’d present the case from several citable sources:

The Hannah Arendt Center posted this apt analysis:

Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal writes that the Trump phenomenon is manifesting a chasm between elites and the masses that threatens to transform the world of American politics.

She reports anecdotal evidence of a non-partisan mass of voters from all over the political and economic spectrum gravitating toward Trump. And the overriding theme she encounters is a disdain for political, economic, and mainstream elites.

“On the subject of elites, I spoke to Scott Miller, co-founder of the Sawyer Miller political-consulting firm, who is now a corporate consultant. He worked on the Ross Perot campaign in 1992 and knows something about outside challenges. He views the key political fact of our time as this: ‘Over 80% of the American people, across the board, believe an elite group of political incumbents, plus big business, big media, big banks, big unions and big special interests–the whole Washington political class–have rigged the system for the wealthy and connected.’ It is ‘a remarkable moment,’ he said. More than half of the American people believe ‘something has changed, our democracy is not like it used to be, people feel they no longer have a voice.’ Mr. Miller added: ‘People who work for a living are thinking this thing is broken, and that economic inequality is the result of the elite rigging the system for themselves. We’re seeing something big.'”

The mobilization of the masses outside and beyond traditional class boundaries is, of course, the kindling for all mass movements. see more…

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Tap into FOMO and Other Psychological Tactics to Increase Voter Turnout…

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Rand Paul winning voter support over NSA showdown

Momentum. It’s the watchword of the week for Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul.

Last night, Senator Paul and a small group of watchful Republicans of a libertarian bent forced the expiration of key provisions of the PATRIOT Act. Specifically, the NSA’s bulk data collection program that bristled privacy advocates. Paul explains in his editorial for USA Today:

Congress will this week force the president to end his illegal collection of all American phone records. This is a victory for defenders of privacy.

The Fourth Amendment requires that government searches be individualized. Collecting all Americans’ phone records all the time indiscriminately is what our Founders fought against when they objected to general warrants.

Some will ask: But how will we catch terrorists without this program? My reply: with the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment allows probing searches as long as the request is for an individual’s records and as long as there is probable cause of a crime.

see more…

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Salvation Army’s black and blue dress needed more truth

The Salvation Army launched a campaign today on the back of the blue/black and gold/white dress. My feeds asplode.

This chick is still like totally a 9.

In response — and not to diminish the rights of women, but rather to elevate the rights of everyone — we present the Hammer of Truth edit:

some people don't see it at all

Less words, more truth.

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HoT Shop: Now open for business

We’ve finally entered the e-commerce club and are offering branded products through the HoT website. You can check it out from the menu above.

Right now, we one item for sale: our sticker/decal in nine amazing colors. Even better, it’s 30% off until the end of January.


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STUDY: MTV has done more for the US teen birthrate than decades of policy… “almost one-third of the dramatic total decrease in teen pregnancy can be linked not to state and local public health efforts, not to the work of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy, but to a television program created for profit”

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Liberals killed Eric Garner…

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COLORADO: Open letter to GOP establishment from liberty movement…

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Bill Maher: “I Am Available To The Rand Paul Campaign”

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Jonathan Gruber Rap Ballad: Don’t Tell ‘Em has come out with a very important music video illustrating the latest Obamacare scandal starring Jonathan “the stupidity of the American voter” Gruber:

Don’t let me catch you snoring
Making government bigger is never boring
Our CBO strategy’s named “Bill Cosby”
we’re looking for an improper scoring

When folks ask what’s in you lie through the tooth
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Our ideas are so good we can’t tell the truth
That’s right right right right right

But won’t people read it in three years or so?
My, my, my, my, my, my
Who’d look inside something that many years old?

I don’t know what’s worse: Some bipartisan elitist prick feels that it’s officially open season on sheep, or some libertarian elitists pricks are making music videos to bring it bubbling into the pop culture of sheep.

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NYC subway fare software designed to screw riders

Gizmodo has a simple fare table to show people how to do math:

If you click the button on the left, they just got you. Your card will have $9.45 on it, meaning you will get 3 rides and end up with $1.95. That is a great deal for the MTA. They get all the money from every rider who does that, and they get the interest on that until you refill again and repeat the cycle.

Let’s say you don’t take the bait. You click MetroCard. Then you get this screen with three new short cuts:


Three quick options. But wait a minute. One button leaves you with the same $9.45 card, and gives a remainder of $1.95 after just three uses. The next one is even more frustrating: you end up with a $19.95 card, leaving a remainder after 7 uses of $2.45! That’s right, the nickel we were talking about earlier. The last option does not leave you much better off. You’ll get a $40.95 card, which leads to $0.95 on your card after you use 16 rides. So all three buttons presented leave quite a bit of “insufficient fare” on the card.


and remember these three magic numbers: $9.55, $19.05 and $38.10. That’s right. Never use the shortcuts. Just type in one of those numbers.

Once you do, you’ll see your excess balances nearly vanish once you apply the 5% bonuses:


Congratulations to the author for decoding how New York’s government run transportation system systematically screws riders. They’ll definitely be changing the algorithm soon.

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Tyrese Gibson on why you’re unhappy

He’s been doing a great web series of inspirational videos for a while, but this one is simply fantastic in helping anyone who refuses to wake up to their own self-destruction. Tyrese is more than just a great actor, he advocates blunt truth and genuine compassion.

“Enough is enough,” is that libertarian or what?

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MEDIA: VanDyke hangs out with Beer and Bullshit Show

I did it once and can now officially scrub it from my bucket list: being on an internet streaming show with more than three episodes.

I was the featured guest of a “decentralized” anarchist and troublemaker conversation AKA episode #38 of Chris Bennett’s Beer and Bullshit Show. An episode that eventually went completely off the rails — “that’s bullshit,” they exclaimed — I presume because no one involved has a legit Wikipedia entry and probably never will (wait, what?).

But before it went completely sideways with salty jokes, crosstalk and the part where the sunglasses happened, I joked around with James Babb (We Won’t Fly) and Kirsten Tynan (Fully Informed Jury Association or FIJA) on Google Hangouts (whose video editor is fired) to talk about beer and a wide range of libertarian/anarchist topics. Pretty much the ADHD libertarian Internet show you expect: slightly less dead air than secret service radios during a White House fence jumping. see more…

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Obama’s failed Colorado firewall

Remember this guy?

The early returns in 2013 were what actually spelled early trouble for Democrats in Colorado.

That was the year of our first recall. On the chopping block was Colorado state senate majority leader John Morse (Colorado Springs) and Angela Giron (Pueblo). As the leadership of onerous new gun legislation laughed at town halls — a gleeful nod to Obama’s vigorous gun hatred combined with populism and ambivalence to limited government control — petitioners got to work.

The recall passed, Giron and Morse lost their seats in safe Democrat districts.

Exit polls showed that pro-gun democrats had been the ones to break ranks. Republicans smelled blood in the air. see more…

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What time is it?

IMAGE CREDITS: Lee van Wallene, Stephen VanDyke, Adventure Time © Cartoon Network / LARGER: 1243 x 648, WALLPAPER: 1920 x 1200

Legal murmurs and threats against President Obama grew louder and then quickly fell silent over the weekend after Republicans fell into the incumbency fundraising trap known as impeachment.

see more…

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Practicing political punditry, 20 years later

Many people don’t know that my very first article ever written was on politics. Today marks the twenty year anniversary since my first mass monologue was published and discussed (or derided, at least at the high school I attended). To be sure, it’s full of embarrassment and bad grammar, and has more twists than M. Night Shyamalan running a churro stand.

Without further ado, here’s the full article reproduced in digital form: see more…

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Sarwark says thanks to Libertarian defectors

I’ll admit it, stuff gets done a lot faster working with the pool of 1.2 million Coloradoans who vote Republican versus the paltry 26 thousand registered Libertarians.

But hey, I’ll say “you’re welcome” to this:

When I left the LP after 2012, Sarwark chided me in the most Hammer of Truth way, asking what it was like to be a “corpse fucker” (because the GOP was dead, haw). see more…

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Supreme Court opt-outs Obamacare; SCOTUSblog smacks haters

There were two large and related news stories from the Supreme Court today.

First up, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 (PDF) that some Obamacare provisions can indeed be ignored by some employers who object to it on religious grounds:

Attempting to expand religious expression protections to small business owners without significantly disrupting the rules that govern for-profit corporations, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the Obama administration must exempt closely-held firms like Hobby Lobby from a rule requiring large companies to help pay for their employees’ birth control.

In a 5 to 4 decision, the court ruled that closely-held firms like Hobby Lobby are protected by Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. The RFRA dictates that an individual’s religious expression shouldn’t be “substantially burdened” by a law unless there is a “compelling government interest.” see more…


Sarwark/LP could be “serious competition”

The Washington Times picked up on our “stunning” announcement of the new LNC chair:

Republicans and Democrats, who pine to woo the all-important young, restless and disengaged demographic, have some serious competition for this sizable voting bloc, which now numbers about 45 million.

In what onlookers described as a “stunning” upset during their recent national convention, the Libertarian Party elected Nicholas Sarwark as their chairman. He is 34, hails from Denver, serves as a deputy public defender, is a prolific blogger and is intent on positioning the Libertarian Party as “the only choice for pro-freedom young people.”

The party itself is getting feisty. The 43-year-old organization also intends to be recognized as the official “real deal” libertarians, which may not sit well with a spate of assorted Republicans, tea partyers and independents who also claim influence with the growing “less government, lower taxes, more freedom” crowd. The articulate Mr. Sarwark himself may be a serious draw for undecided or disengaged folk out there.

Libertarians and Democrats have seemingly been the only parties able to escape their middle-aged comfort zones — to attract and register younger voters.

If that fervor for unblemished voters emerges as a core theme of Sarwark’s leadership, it could prove to be a problematic second front for Republicans who are already struggling in this key demographic.

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Nicholas Sarwark elected to lead Libertarian Party

Columbus, Ohio was the scene of a stunning upset this evening as the delegation to the 2014 Libertarian Party National Convention voted the leadership position of Libertarian National Committee Chair over to 34-year old Coloradan Nicholas Sarwark.

Sarwark — who was most recently the Vice Chair of the Colorado Libertarian Party — was pitted against incumbent Chair Geoffrey Neale, Clark County Nevada LP Chair Brett Pojunis, Sharchild, and of course anarchist favorite “none of the above”.

Neale trailed the first round by seven percent, only to have the gap widen to thirteen percentage points in a second-round runoff against the young contender.

ROUND 2 51% 38% OUT OUT 11%

Sarwark +13

194 144 40
ROUND 1 41% 34% 17% < 1% 8% Sarwark +7
161 135 66 3 31

see more…


Looking for a ride? Free market wins, Uber alles

There’s been plenty of press afforded to Uber’s fight against regulatory and competitive foes in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

Well, did you also know that this free market wunderkind is now cheaper than traditional black car services, faster and more environmentally friendly to boot?

Next Big Future crunched the numbers:

The math here is simple:

Uber’s demographic probably tends toward the higher end of the $5,000-$15,000 per year range (depreciation on a highend car, parking, gas, maintenance etc..).

At the high end about 882 uber rides and 292 at the low end.

Uber costs twice as much as a cab ride. But the median Uber ride only costs $24. That means you’re paying $12 more than you would for a cab.

UberX, is usually 30 percent less expensive than taxis.

Uber tends to save 54 minutes versus a cab. They arrive sooner. see more…

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Drug War turns to billboard threat war…
“Dying for drugs”…

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Confirmed: Many of Obamacare’s ‘eight million enrollments’ are duplicates…

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