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Paulie Cannoli: Paulie was born in Siberia, part of the former USSR in 1972 and the USA is reminding him more of the country his parents took him out of every day. Growing up in the epicenter of the 1980s crack cocaine explosion in NYC, Paulie got caught up in the available business ventures and saw some of his friends die, and then became an activist against the drug war. Through his involvement in the drug peace movement, and college studies in free market environmentalism, he became interested in libertarianism, and abandoned the Democrats after they picked the military-industrial-corporate-statist DLCer and drug warrior hypocrite Bill Clinton as their nominee in 1992, thus finally disproving the idea that 60s radicals were merely infiltrating the establishment in order to change it. Paulie became an LP member in 1995 and a life member in 2000, and has occasionally been on the executive committee of the Alabama LP. Since 1998, he has traveled the country as a professional activist. Between that and his earlier travels in the import-export business as a teenager, he has been to 49 US states and about 20 countries, and lived in a number of them. As a life long entrepreneur, he has also started hundreds of businesses in a wide variety of fields. Paulie recently worked on the Steve Kubby for President campaign, has been an active member of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus, is an advisory board member of Liberty Consulting, and hopes to start a new national College Libertarian Organizing Committee. He is an Anti-war, true leftist, anarchist, left libertarian, agorist, (r)evolutionary. More info here.

Is NYPD covering up for cop who threatened reporter with rape, or letting random dude pretend to be cop?

According to Radley Balko at Reason, NYPD says this asshole who claims to be a cop while threatening a citizen reporter with jail rape is actually not one of their employees.

As readers point out:

Well if he isn’t a cop, then isn’t assuming the authority of an officer, threatening people with arrest and ordering people to disperse under that authority illegal in and of itself. I somehow doubt the uniformed officer in the video would be ok with some random drunk impersonating a police officer.

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The ‘War is making you poor act’ introduced in Congress

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Anti-war movement and TEA party must hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately

The warfare state and the welfare state are inevitably linked, two sides of the same coin. The elites who run both of these scams have convinced many of those protesting against one to support the other through a false choice between the left and right sides of the same pyramid scheme – with them at the top and most of us at the bottom. As long as our struggles are limited to working to elevate left above right or right above left, the pyramid remains balanced on our backs, ensuring their comfort.

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Jon Stewart and the late Charlton Heston take on the collectivist mentality

Via Kn@ppster:

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Obama-Biden Gang delivers donkey punch to sick and dying AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma patients

MPP reports:

Under the direction of acting-administrator Michele Leonhart, the DEA has gone rogue. They are continuing to raid homes and businesses in compliance with state medical marijuana laws in direct opposition to the directive from the Department of Justice. Leonhart has been nominated to take over as head of the DEA

The latest edition of MPP Insider newsletter (via email) says that the Obama-Biden gang is going ahead with the nomination despite MPP’s efforts. This is a kick in the nuts that some very sick and dying people certainly don’t need or deserve.

Thus, one of the very few remaining areas where the Obama regime was supposed to be an improvement over Bush has gone the way of the dodo bird. One can only hope that Leonhart, and everyone involved with her nomination, chokes on their own vomit while receiving irrumatio from a prison guard, after going blind slowly from glaucoma, in a Guantanamo Bay holding cell. Alternatively, for those of you with a more forgiving and religious bent, you may want to pray that God have mercy on their souls.

Every time it looks like Obama has finally done something good, he weasels his way out of it. The more I think about it, the more it seems he really is George W. Bush in disguise.


David Duke running for president?…No, not THAT David Duke

Via Red Phillips at IPR comes news that David Duke may be running for president. Disinter may be on board, even though it’s not this David Duke (NSFW) ..LOL see more…


Barack Obama: The Third Term of George W. Bush….Literally?

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Welcome Back

Glad to see HoT back on the air.

I’ve been mostly posting at IPR the last couple of years, but I’ve been missing having an active group blog to post about movement news and views that is not related to third parties/independents. Tried to make Next Free Voice into a group blog community after LFV went into the toilet, without much success…however, people are still welcome to sign up if interested.

But this will probably work better….

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