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Posse Comitatus Act, Farewell…

The Posse Comitatus Act is:

…a federal law of the United States (18 U.S.C. § 1385) passed in 1878, after the end of Reconstruction, and was intended to prohibit Federal troops from supervising elections in former Confederate states. It generally prohibits Federal military personnel and units of the United States National Guard under Federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress.

It sounds like the PCA is coming under fire and that Bush and Co. are going to use the Katrina disaster to rid us of this pesky law:


President Bush’s push to give the military a bigger role in responding to major disasters like Hurricane Katrina could lead to a loosening of legal limits on the use of federal troops on U.S. soil.


Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. John Warner, R-Va., chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said, “I believe the time has come that we reflect on the Posse Comitatus Act.” He advocated giving the president and the secretary of defense “correct standby authorities” to manage disasters.

Personally, I believe this SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. The PCA should remain as is.

If there are any Republicans out there who STILL believe that Bush is a conservative… you are lying to yourself.


Christians: Is this a lesson from God?

Since religion plays a huge role in the conservative constituency, I was wondering what their religoius perceptions might be on the whole Katrina disaster. Bush asks God for help in his latest radio address and constantly asks God to bless America. Is God not listening? Or maybe he’s trying to tell us something?

With a vociferous Christian representation in the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Bush administration in a country where many claim it to be a “Christian Nation,” you would think that a Christian God would show it some favor. No?

With the attacks of 9-11, the Iraq “War” and now Hurricane Katrina I can’t imagine that the faith of Christians isn’t being tested right now.

So, how do Christians view all of this? Do you share the views of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell? Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood?

Any insight would be appreciated because where I live, the normally outspoken religous folk have become surprisingly reserved…


Stripping for tax dollars…

FEMA issued around 10,500 credit cards, each having a $2,000 balance, in a pilot program attempting to give Hurricane Katrina survivors funds to purchase the necessities. I guess the word “necessary” is subjective.


On the heels of a report earlier this week that Atlanta area Katrina victims were using $2,000 debit cards to purchase luxury items like Louis Vuitton handbags, Houston police yesterday discovered the cards, provided by FEMA and the Red Cross, being used at local strip clubs.

There have been reports where people have provided false identification so that they can obtain as many cards as they can get. FEMA is still giving two grand per family through direct deposit but of course no limitations are associated with the funds. Hey, I guess they have the RIGHT to spend it as they choose, well, so says Bill Hildebrandt, chief executive officer of the Mid-South chapter of the Red Cross:

“If they make an inappropriate decision as to what to purchase, the whole issue of victims’ rights comes into play. They have a right, I guess, to be inappropriate.”

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Jail those who abuse tax-payer funds…

Right now on C-SPAN they are running the Democrat’s statement on the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman from California’s 8th District, just stepped down from the podium after ranting against the President and talking about everything she’s doing to help. What caught my attention was Pelosi’s threat to contractors who might abuse government funding. To paraphrase:

If contractors abuse tax-payer money, they will go to jail…

Anyone for amending Pelosi’s statement into the Constitution and have it applied to law makers?

Update: On the same thought of holding politicians accountable, Neal Boortz wants to enact a law that would require an addendum to be added to the end of every proposed spending bill. He proposes the following text:

Every sponsor or co-sponsor of this legislation hereby affirms his or her belief that the need for the federal government of the United States to spend taxpayer funds on the purposes outlined herein is of greater importance and urgency than any spending needs which the party or parties who actually earned these funds may have, such needs being, but not necessarily limited to, spending for medical care, child care, housing, food, clothing, transportation, education, insurance, savings and retirement planning.

You know, just a simple reminder to keep things in perspective…


The President speaks…

Well, not until Thursday night at 9PM EST. Our fearless leader will be addressing the nation from Louisiana in what I predict will be a somber rendition of a reworked 9/11 speech. You know, a lot of “We’ve been knocked down, but we will rise again” rhetoric with the sole purpose of raising his poll numbers from the dead. But one thing he can’t avoid referencing is the “race” issue, if you even want to call it an issue. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released yesterday concluded that “more blacks than whites said they were angry about the government’s response to Katrina, 76 percent to 60 percent, and President Bush is one target of their ire.”

Secretary of State Condoleezza “I’m not running for President” Rice surprisingly stoked the race topic by saying this catastrophe provided evidence that race and poverty can still come together “in a very ugly way” in parts of the “Old South.” Condi went on to say:

The United States should want to do something about that (,” Rice said in an interview Monday with the editorial board of The New York Times. “There are still places that race and poverty are a huge problem in the United States, and we’ve got to deal with that.” (My emphasis)

Do tell Condi, how you will deal with this… race and poverty connection? One of the first steps in resolving a problem is to find its source. Thomas DiLorenzo over at Lew Rockwell’s blog provides a good starting point:

The truth is, we would have observed a very similar scene in the aftermath of a similar disaster in any northern city, since large sections of all American cities have been essentially destroyed by the welfare state.

Welfare, government schools, forced minimum wage, the war on drugs and piss-poor-planning by local elected officials contributed to this problem. Give me a ring Condi and I’ll tell you how you can fix this whole mess…

» Rice: Disaster shows ‘ugly way’ race, poverty collide


Breaking news?

Bush Disaster

I wouldn’t really consider this BREAKING news… I think most of the world has known this for some time now.

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Oh… Oh Feel Ya!

Yes, that is an actual wind pattern prediction for Tropical Storm Ophelia… Is mother nature trying to tell us something?

Thanks to my bro-in-law, Chris, for bringing this to my attention.

» Via:


Ophelia downgraded to Tropical Storm, media sighs

Am I the only one that noticed, but I could swear that I detected a hint of disappointment in the voices of every weatherman and news anchor I happened to see this morning announcing that Ophelia was downgraded to a Tropical Storm and is predicted to float off into the Atlantic. Or am I just that cynical?

Maybe it’s just me…

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KATRINA: The National LP Speaks!

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party website finally issued a statement on the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Their online press release described how they contacted LP leaders in the effected areas, gave condolences and provided a link to a list of charitable organizations.

The list of charities is on their blog section which allows for comments. In the comments a Kara Tyson, who claimed to be from Mobile, provided a list of her thoughts on what organizations came through in their time of need, which were a waste (FEMA & Red Cross) and finished with some suggestions to the institutions and politicians involved. Here are a few snippets from her comments:

Another organization who was in New Orleans & Biloxi the next day – again, despite the fact that the Red Cross said you couldn’t get into the area. They donated trucks filled with items and hired people on the spot who were left unemployed.

In Baton Rouge, those who had fled the hurricane in advance were kicked out of a private hotel by FEMA to make room for their own Reps (staying in non air conditioned facilities is apparently beneath them).

No Child Left Behind Act. Many of these children are coming from impoverished areas with poorly performing schools. Their standardized testing will follow them. Any school taking in these children will no longer be ‘highly qualified’. Communities will then be punished for helping.

If you want to donate, please consider donating goods vs. money. There is less chance that this type of donation will be ‘diverted’ for other uses. Some legal (going to other projects), some not so legal (such as thugs stealing the donations at gunpoint).

Anyway, I’m baffled as to why it took this long for the national LP to say ANYTHING about this disaster. Then again, maybe their actions say a lot about the national LP.

» Kara Tyson’s Comments (About 2/3’s of the way down)
» LP Press Release

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I need 500 buses, man…

Here is the caption for the AP photo above:

An aerial view of flooded school buses in a lot, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005, in New Orleans, LA. The flood is a result of Hurricane Katrina that passed through the area last Monday.

Here is a segment from the overplayed diatribe that the Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, gave yesterday to radio station WWL-AM. The emphasis is mine:

WWL: What do you need right now to get control of this situation?

NAGIN: I need reinforcements, I need troops, man. I need 500 buses, man. We ain’t talking about — you know, one of the briefings we had, they were talking about getting public school bus drivers to come down here and bus people out here.

I’m like, “You got to be kidding me. This is a national disaster. Get every doggone Greyhound bus line in the country and get their asses moving to New Orleans.

That’s — they’re thinking small, man. And this is a major, major, major deal. And I can’t emphasize it enough, man. This is crazy.

I’ve got 15,000 to 20,000 people over at the convention center. It’s bursting at the seams. The poor people in Plaquemines Parish. … We don’t have anything, and we’re sharing with our brothers in Plaquemines Parish.

It’s awful down here, man.

I heard that, then found the photo above, and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


I just read about this story:

The first busload of New Orleans refugees to reach the Reliant Astrodome overnight was a group of people who commandeered a school bus in the city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and drove to Houston looking for shelter. []

See Mayor… the people could have used those buses themselves…

Another update:
I didn’t think I would have to say that the buses in the photo should have been used BEFORE the hurricane, but apparently I do. Obviously the buses in the photo are useless NOW. Unfortunately, lessons have been learned the hard way, and I can bet that the NEXT time (Yeah, I’m sure there will be a next time after we rebuild) you won’t see any buses in that parking lot.

This photo really pissed me off. I couldn’t believe that a plan was never created to use them for situations like this. While searching for a reason, I found an article posted in November of last year by Shirley Laska of the Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology titled “What if Hurricane Ivan had not missed New Orleans?” Here is an excerpt from this amazingly prophetic piece about what occurred when Hurricane Ivan buzzed New Orleans last year:

Residents who did not have personal transportation were unable to evacuate even if they wanted to. Approximately 120,000 residents (51,000 housing units x 2.4 persons/unit) do not have cars. A proposal made after the evacuation for Hurricane Georges to use public transit buses to assist in their evacuation out of the city was not implemented for Ivan. If Ivan had struck New Orleans directly it is estimated that 40-60,000 residents of the area would have perished. (emphasis added)

Read the whole article when you get a moment: What if Hurricane Ivan had not missed New Orleans?

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Coyote Blog calls it a missed opportunity and blames the local government for not using them, saying:

The city declared a mandatory evacuation. Why then did it stick tens of thousands in the Superdome, right in the middle of town, rather than evacuate them with the assets they already owned in quantity?

Some critics are calling it a racist plot. If we rely on Coyote’s Law, the most likely answer is incompetence and stupidity.

Yet ANOTHER update:
Drudge Report just posted the same photo I did on this post and is running the following tagline: WHY DIDN’T YOU DEPLOY THE BUSES DURING THE MANDATORY EVACUATION, MAYOR?…

And then quotes the following from the Louisiana disaster plan, pg 13, para 5 , dated 01/00:

‘The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating’…

This will come back up later if it isn’t addressed by the mass media outlets now…


The Fair Tax – Same old problem with a new face?

I’m about three-quarters of the way through Neal Boortz and John Linder’s NY Times Bestseller “The Fair Tax Book” and can’t say that I agree with their endorsement of the “Fair Tax Act of 2005.”

While researching alternative perspectives of the FTA I found an article written by Laurence Vance of the “Ludwig von Mises Institute,” an Alabama-based Libertarian think-tank, where he points out the “real problem” with this proposal by using‘s own words with my emphasis:

We are not calling for elimination of federal taxation, which would be irresponsible and undesirable. Nor does our endorsement call for reduced federal spending. The tax reform plan we endorse is revenue neutral, collecting as much federal tax revenue as the current income tax code, including payroll withholding taxes.

The FTA does not eliminate the IRS, it renames it. The FTA does not reduce government spending it actually creates language making it EASIER for government to increase taxes later on. It does not repeal the 16th amendment (Which requires a Constitutional Amendment) but provides Congress with the ability to implement the income tax again after the FTA is passed!

As Vance points out in his article, even the “tax payer’s friend’ himself, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), is absent from the co-Sponsor list for the FTA. Ron Paul sums up this whole situation quite nicely:

“The real issue is total spending by government, not tax reform.”

And that is what it comes down to. Big Government could care less how you feed its addiction, just as long as you keep feeding it!

I’ll finish the book and research the FTA further, but as of right now I don’t see it changing the way ‘the beast’ does business, just the way it gets its money.


We need your donation, three days ago…

New Jersey PawlowskiToday I received a letter from the campaign for the election of Jeffrey Pawlowski, a Libertarian running for Governor in New Jersey, asking for donations of at least $30.00 before August 26th… Yeah, that was several days ago.

The letter was dated August 12,2005 and I JUST received it!? The letter states the campaign is trying to raise $300,000 before September 1st so Pawlowski can qualify for matching funds which, according to state law, would guarantee his position in the televised debates.

Well, I guess it’s too late isn’t it? Richard Edgar, chair for “Pawlowski for Governor” has some splainin to do!

On the front page of Pawlowski’s website an “Urgent Update!” is posted:

We’ve received many calls and emails from people that just received their campaign brochure. The letter says, “We need your donation before August 26th so that Jeff can be in the debates!”

The filing deadline is September 1st. We need time to process your donations and record the results. We need time to match your donation with your signature on the Donation Form. The sooner you donate, the more time we will have to make sure your donation is included in our deadline. Donations made after September 1 will still help the campaign to buy radio and print ads.

Please, donate as much as possible as soon as possible. Thank you.

I emailed the campaign for an explanation and to see if they made their $300,000 goal.

And the Libertarians wonder why they aren’t getting anywhere…

» Variation of the donation letter

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Looks like the Pawlowski campaign raised enough (by the skin of their teeth it seems):

Thanks to all your support, we are able to apply to be in the debates. We’re not out of the woods yet. The beaurocrats still have to examine our application, and we expect them to say we are not eligible. We may have to bring suit against NJ ELEC to compell them to follow the law and let us participate.

This qualification process has also drained our bank accounts. We need your help now more than ever. We need to buy airtime, print ads, billboards, etc. If you already gave, you allowed us to apply to be in the debates. If you were waiting to see how we did, it’s now time for you to donate.

Oh, and I don’t know whether to laugh or be impressed by their selling of political influence on eBay. I mean hell, this is Jersey we’re talking about, but it looks like the mafia hasn’t quite gotten all high-tech on eBay yet, since the highest bid item, “Christmas Dinner,” is a paltry $63.32.

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Rebuild it, and they will stay…

New Orleans floodedYes, I’m a cold-hearted insensitive bastard for even asking this question now but, oh well…

Should tax-payer money be used to rebuild communities that reside in areas where natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes etc. are regular occurrences?

The initial estimate for the hurricane Katrina disaster runs between $12 and $26 billion. Insurance will cover some of the cost, but ultimately tax-payers will end up funding the rebuilding process through FEMA (Which is now part of the Homeland Security Department). Despite the documented abuses of FEMA funding claims in the past, is this organization encouraging irrational behavior by paying people to rebuild and continue living in areas prone to these disasters?

Somebody asked me after we experienced three of the four hurricanes that hit Florida last year and then witnessed first-hand the abuses of FEMA declarations: Is it altruism when it’s forced?

Hey, you paid for it, might as well get it back right?

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Some people may not know that FEMA requires people in certain flood zones to carry mandatory flood insurance that pays something like $250K (if I heard it on TV right). New Orleans is definitely one of those areas that’s deemed high risk.

The kicker here is that mandatory insurance is also only offered by the government, who seems to have a monopoly on the flood insurance industry.


2004 Scariest Halloween Costumes…

Man, I’m still laughing…

2004 Scariest Halloween Costumes

You have to check out‘s special feature on “2004’s Scariest Halloween Costumes,” pretty damn funny.

Here’s a description and a “how to make your own” explanation for the costume pictured here:

Your child will be the hit of the neighborhood costume parade in this recreation of the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse scandal’s most indelible image. As an added bonus this easy-to-make costume will remind everyone on your child’s trick-or-treat route of our national shame! Simply roll a cone from a sheet of 24″x38″ black cardstock, making sure to cut out a hole for the face. Drape with two yards of black felt, and add leftover wires from your last lamp-rewiring project. Voila! So easy, so quick, and so terrifying!

Total cost: Under $20.
Total time: Under two hours.

If this eye-catching outfit doesn’t do it for you there are other projects the kids can enjoy making such as:

  • Florida’s Electronic Touch-Screen Voting Machines
  • Arrested Protester
  • Nancy Reagan (The casket might be difficult to carry around, but think of how much candy it can hold!)
  • Western Hostage in Iraq

Amazing, “Bush” or “Kerry” costumes didn’t make the “scariest” list…


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Word of the day…

Every Christmas my Mother-in-law buys me a desk calendar as a gift. These thick little calendars have ranged from “Far Side” comics to trivia to “The Onion” excerpts. The last one she purchased was a “word of the day” calendar. I like it because it explains the origin of these odd and never before heard of words on the back of each sheet. Yesterday’s word was ROORBACK:

‘rur-,bak n : a defamatory falsehood published for political effect

On the reverse side was the following explanation:

Did You Know?

In the midst of the 1844 presidential campaign between James K. Polk and Henry Clay, a letter was published in a newspaper in Ithaca, New York, claiming that a reputable witness – one Baron Roorback – had seen Polk purchase and brand 43 slaves. The letter caused an uproar that the whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by the opposing party. The incident proved a political boomerang; Polk won the election and the name “roorback” became a byword for political dirty tricks.

Pretty interesting huh? Just think, a few decades from now an individual who pre-emptively attacks others based on questionable evidence will be referred to as a “Bush!”

Example in a sentence:
“Man, you shouldn’t have ‘Bushed‘ your wife about having an affair… she was only meeting her sister for lunch every week not some mystery man! What the ‘Cheney‘ were you thinking?”

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What are banks for?

Creature of Jekyll Island cover

After reading Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik’s book “It’s Good to be King” I started checking out the recommended literature he lists for further reading. I picked up “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and have been baffled at the atrocity known as the “Federal Reserve Bank” ever since. Griffin discusses the Federal Reserve Bank from its conception (Seven of the most powerful men in banking secretly meet on Jekyll Island, GA to create this institution solely for their benefit) through its functions and how it’s being administered today. An amazing read that you wish was fiction.

This question and answer exchange from the introduction of Griffin’s book explains the basic concept, and deception, our banking system is built on:

see more…


“Stick with Bushie”

Will Ferrell as George W.
The voter contact program “America Coming Together” (ACT) has produced a hilarious commerical to counter the Bush administration’s recent media blitz on the Kerry campaign. Here is a quote from the ACT site which is hosting the Bush “commerical”:

After spending over $75 million on fraudulent attacks, Karl Rove is back to selling the true Texas cowboy. Throughout August, Bush campaign commericals will feature President Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Join ACT and our friend Will Ferrell for a behind-the-scenes look at “White House West.” We promise it’s the best commerical you’ll see this election.

Help stop the Republican’s fraud by joining ACT today and signing our petition to the FCC.

The petition asks the FCC to require “proof of fact” before campaigns can air their political advertisements. Apparently these productions aren’t required to meet the FCC’s “false advertising” regulations.

If you like Will Ferrell’s impression of Bush during his tenure on Saturday Night Live then you’ll be gut-laughing at this “commercial” and its “behind the scenes” bloopers. The first outtake sets the tone for the rest of the spoof:

BUSH: “Well, as you know, ever since I took office… things have been really really bad..


BUSH (Looking bewildered): “That seemed like a good one..”

OFSCREEN VOICE: “You said “bad” instead of “good“…


One of the funnier commericals I’ve seen in a while.

» Watch the video []
» Will Ferrell []
» Saturday Night Live []

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“Incestuous amplification”

Note: this article contains dead links, the url is still in the hover/alt text. Keep the web working, curate content well!

“Incestuous amplification” is defined by Jane’s Defense Weekly as:

“a condition in warfare where one only listens to those who are already in lock-step agreement, reinforcing set beliefs and creating a situation ripe for miscalculation.”

The civilian version of this condition is called “risky shift” or “group polarization.” A condition where like-minded individuals who only converse with each other end up believing a more extreme version of what they thought before they began talking.

Sounds to me like the Bush administration is suffering from a little “incestuous amplification.”

It seems that any indivdual imbued with the mindset of a particular group will eventually conform to that mentality and even take it to extreme levels.

In an article on titled “March of the Banana Republicans” by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton, this control by numbers concept is carried over to what the Republicans are doing to our society. By forcefully pushing a conservative agenda the people will eventually adapt to this mentality and pass it on with even more intensity than they were recruited under. I liken this idea to another psychological condition:

Societal Stockholm Syndrome. Virtually anyone can can get this syndrome if the following conditions are met:

  • Perceived threat to survival and the belief that one’s captor is willing to act on that threat.
  • The captive’s perception of small kindnesses from the captor within a context of terror.
  • Isolation from perspectives other than those of the captor.
  • Perceived inability to escape.

Wow, this sounds like the life of every American who lives under the Bush administration… Doesn’t it?

» Jane’s Defense Weekly
» March of the Banana Republicans []
» Societal Stockholm Syndrome


“A vote for Bush is a vote for a divided, unstable, paranoid America”

From websites to movies to books the Bush-bashing craze has touched just about every entertainment medium available and now we can add one more to the list, the music industry.

Group shot of performers

The “Vote for Change” tour, sponsored by the anti-anything-Bush PAC and the organization America Coming Together (ACT), is a 34 show romp through the critical “swing states” presenting some of the more popular names in the music world and their collective hatred for all things Bush. Looking down the list of performers is like reading the titles in most 25-35 year-old white kids’ CD collection… Or is that just me?

The current list of artists include: The Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, Jurassic 5, My Morning Jacket, R.E.M., Ben Harper, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, the Dixie Chicks, Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt.

So what kind of political rants can we expect between sets during the “Vote for Change” concerts? If these quotes are any indication it seems fans will be attending an all-out Bush-bashing-Kerry-loving voter drive:

“A vote for change is a vote for a stronger, safer, healthier America. A vote for Bush is a vote for a divided, unstable, paranoid America. It is our duty to this beautiful land to let our voices be heard. That’s the reason for the tour. That’s why I’m doing it.” (Dave Mattews)

What a minute, isn’t Dave Matthews a citizen of South Africa?

“As concerned mothers, women and most importantly concerned Americans, we are compelled to do what we can to inspire other voters to get involved in this year’s election. We hope our participation in the Vote For Change Tour will be a catalyst for positive change.” (The Dixie Chicks)

It seems the Dixie Chicks have come full circle. It was just over a year ago when they bashed-Bush during one of their concerts and took some major heat for it, then apologized, and are now considered just one of the gang!

The “Vote for Change” tour lists a couple of Florida dates, maybe I’ll check it out… if anything it would be fun to watch the “pinko-commies” worship Kerry (He won three purple hearts!) as they dance to “Born in the U.S.A.

“Vote for change” will stage approximately 34 concerts in 29 cities in nine states from October 1st through the 8th.

» Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Springsteen, Others Join Vote For Change Tour
» Fighting For ‘Center Square’ on The Hollywood Squares? []
» Dave Matthews Band []
» Vote for Change Tour Announced []


“Knowing what I know today”

Here is an interesting excerpt from yesterday’s question & answer session by President Bush in the White House Rose Garden. When asked how the new Uber-Intel Czar proposed by the 9/11 comission would prevent future intelligence failures like the one preceding the “war” in Iraq Bush replied:

First of all, we all thought we’d find stockpiles of weapons. We may still find weapons. We haven’t found them yet. Every person standing up here would say, gosh, we thought it was going to be different, as did the Congress, by the way, members of both parties, and the United Nations.

But what we do know is that Saddam Hussein had the capability of making weapons.

And let me just say this to you. Knowing what I know today, we still would have gone on into Iraq. We still would have gone to make our country more secure. He had the capability of making weapons. He had terrorist ties. (emphasis added)

Well, gosh, isn’t this comforting? Knowing what he knows today… Bush would STILL have gone in and attacked Iraq. This precedent should have many third-world countries crapping their loin-cloths right now because the Axis of Evil just expanded to include every non-democratic society in the world. Hey, if you aren’t with us…

» Text of Bush Remarks []

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